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Growing nectarines

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

I’m not very good at gardening. I don’t seem to have enough strength or energy, but I do what I can.

I’d been managing to keep up with it until I went on holiday. When I came home, it looked like a jungle!

I was at the front of the house pruning and tidying up the flower bed by the lounge window when I saw a little shrubby tree with pointed spear like leaves. I was wondering what it was when I noticed with surprise some big red things on it.

My first thought was that a child’s red rubber ball had got caught in the branches, but as I looked more closely, I found nectarines growing! I was amazed!

How did a nectarine tree manage to grow here in the Midlands of the UK when we’ve had such a cold, wet summer? And how did it manage to produce beautiful full sized nectarines?

They were gorgeous – sweet and juicy and much nicer than any I’ve ever bought from a supermarket. I’m looking forward to next year’s crop already!

September’s here

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I have mixed feelings about September. I like the fact that everything that stopped for the summer starts again in September. It was good to get back to Camera Club this week and see everyone again and I really enjoyed the slide show of photos from camera clubs all over the country. They’ve given me some inspiration for ideas to try for my own photos.

What I don’t like about September is that it’s the end of the summer and autumn starts to creep into my days. It starts in the evenings when I find I need a coat because there’s a chill in the air. Then I need one in the daytime too. I seem to very optimistic about the weather and I often don’t take a coat or an umbrella because I’m expecting it to be lovely and sunny. Of course I’m frequently disappointed when I discover that I was wrong! So I have to remember to keep an umbrella and a jacket in the boot of the car so I’m not caught out when I’m too optimistic.

I love the summer. I love the warmth and the sun and I love being by the sea. It’s a pity that I live so far away from the sea, but I’ve been lucky enough to have two holidays this year where I was able to enjoy walking on the beach and taking photos of beach huts, piers, boats etc. Because I love the summer so much, I always think that it will go on for ever. Didn’t it used to do that when I was a child? So when summer ends and autumn starts I have to be careful not to get down about it.

I think September is the worst month as I can still remember the lovely hot sun. By the time the clocks change in October and it’s dark in the evenings it reminds me that it’s not long until my birthday in November.

Here’s one of the photos that I took at the beach on one of my holidays…..

Boat at Goring

It’s good to be back

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

My blog hasn’t been available for a few days due a technical hitch. At one point I was getting quite concerned about it as I wasn’t sure if it was going to get sorted out, so it’s really good to have it back again.

The last post and a couple of comments are missing at the moment, but I may be able to get them restored. I missed it when it wasn’t there, and if you looked for it you would have missed it too.

Happy New Year 2009

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone!
It’s still cold today, but all the fog and frost and ice have gone, so it’s not so pretty to photograph. I stayed up to welcome the New Year in and to hear the ‘bongs’ from Big Ben on the television, and watch the fireworks from the London Eye. Some fireworks went off here at about 7.00pm.

I went out to try and see them, but by the time I’d put on some shoes and a coat and unlocked the door, they’d finished! How frustrating that was. Just after midnight there were some more fireworks. I couldn’t see them, but they were so close and so loud, they sounded like bombs going off and they even rattled the windows. They were quite frightening. They seem to get bigger and louder every year.

I’ve really enjoyed the six months or so that I’ve been using the photo sharing website Flickr. I love seeing other people’s photos which I find very inspiring, and it’s good to have other people enjoy seeing mine and make comments on them. I enjoy seeing photos from all around the world. I can see places that I’m never likely to visit, and I can see what the weather is like in other countries, like the deep snow they’ve been having in Canada and America lately and the lovely sunshine they’re having in Australia and New Zealand. And I’ve loved chatting to people all over the world via comments and Flickrmail. I’ve made quite a few friends that way.

Every day Flickr choose their top 500 photos out of the several million that are uploaded. They make the choice by what that call interestingness. They call this group Explore. I’ve been lucky enough to have had 19 of my photos go into Explore in the last six months.

This is a poster of my Explore entries which was created by Scout, one of fd’s Flickr Toys. All the photos as well as the poster are in my photostream on Flickr.

Explored 2008