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Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Children everywhere will be getting excited waiting for Father Christmas to visit them and leave lots of presents.

My Christmas tree is looking pretty covered in multi-coloured baubles and lights and the house smells gorgeous because I’m steaming a home made Christmas pudding.

I’ve just got some presents to wrap up and then I’m ready for Christmas Day to arrive!

Flags and bunting

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Royal Wedding

It was lovely the way that everywhere was decorated with bunting and Union Flags for the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton on 29th April 2011. I wish it would happen more often.

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Since I heard that Cadbury has been bought out by Kraft, I’ve been going round the shops trying to take photos of all the different varieties of chocolate that they make, but it’s proved impossible.

The iconic Cadbury purple packaging is very difficult to take in artificial light. It comes out blue, which doesn’t look right at all! So I’ve given that up, but I love Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. I bought myself some for Easter so that I could record them for posterity, because you never know what might happen. I think Kraft would very foolish to get rid of popular lines like this, which is presumably what they paid for, but you never know.

Didn’t Mini Eggs used to be shiny? They’re sort of dull and unpleasantly dusty now. Does anyone know what’s happened to them and why? They’ve also changed from pretty pastel colours to dull, muddy colours.

I was so disappointed when I opened the pack and poured them out. There they were in a heap of dirty dullness. No pretty blues, and only a dirty, dusky pink. They were very unphotogenic and unappetising looking. So maybe I didn’t need to worry about Kraft spoiling Mini Eggs. Cadbury seems to have done it already themselves!

Still, I had to make the best of it, and so that they would make a more colourful photo, I put them in some of those colourful silicone cake cases.

Happy Easter everyone!

Celebrating my Birthday

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Birthday celebrations

I had a lovely day on my Birthday a couple of days ago.

A friend took my out for lunch at a local hotel, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been to that hotel before for a drink, but I’ve never had a meal there before. I had to work in the morning so it was about 2.15pm when we got there, and they had really stopped serving. But they checked with the kitchen and said they would serve us. We sat in the bar which we had all to ourselves except for the friendly barman and a resident who came in to chat with us. I had Steak and Ale Pie with new potatoes and peas. It was gorgeous! The hotel is high up and we sat by a window where we had amazing views across the valley.

When we’d finished eating, we wandered round the town taking photos. My friend, Jenny, is a photographer too and it was wonderful to be with someone who takes as many photos as I do! For as long as I can remember, Christmas decorations have always appeared in shop windows and in towns in time to celebrate my birthday, and this year it was no different. The men in fluorescent jackets were actually putting up the lights on the big tree as we went past. I always like the glizt and sparkle of Christmassy things, because it’s as though they’ve been put up just for me to celebrate my birthday!!

Before work, another friend took me out for cake and coffee in a lovely little cafe at the back of a gift shop. The shop was full of glitzy Chrismassy things, and I enjoyed browsing as we wandered through, enjoying the sparkle and opulence of things that are fun to look at, but completely unnecessary to life! It was lovely to relax and catch up with my friend while I enjoyed good coffee and coffee and walnut cake. Mary was bemused when I started taking photos of the coffee and cake! I explained to her that I was doing a photo diary of my Birthday. She was ok with that as long as I didn’t take any photos of her!

When I got to work, I was just in time for a meeting. There were about 8 of us there, and when the meeting ended, they all sang Happy Birthday to me, which was lovely!!

I spent the evening with my friends Mary and David. Mary had made the most gorgeous birthday cake for me! It was a fat free swiss roll covered in strawberries, and filled with strawberry yogourt. It was the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted!! Thank you Mary! I did take some photos of it, but they didn’t come out very well.

I had posted a ‘Happy Birthday’ photo on my Flickr photostream, and I had so many good wishes from Flickr friends!

So I had a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who helped to make it so special!

It’s my birthday!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

It's my birthday!

It’s my birthday today!

I like my birthday. I like it being in November when it’s dark long before the shops close, and people are starting to put Christmas decorations out. I had time to wander round my local town yesterday, and noticed that lots of shops had baubles and Christmas trees in their windows. For as long as I can remember, that always happens in time for my birthday. It’s like they’re putting them out especially for me to celebrate!

For years I’ve always taken my birthday off as a holiday and done something special, but for various reasons I’m not able to do that this year. But I’ve got a busy day planned meeting friends and eating out as well as going to work. I’m looking forward to it!

Torvill and Dean

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

As well as being Valentine’s Day today, it’s also a special anniversary. It’s 25 years ago today since Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean won the Gold Medal at the 1984 Olympic Ice Dance Competition.

Over the years that they had been competing together, they were at the cutting edge of Ice Dance choreography leading the way with all the other competitors worldwide watching what they were doing and copying them a year later. As they headed towards the Olympics they gave up their jobs, Christopher as a policeman and Jayne who worked for Norwich Union, and turned professional to concentrate on their effort to win Olympic Gold.

When they had finally decided on Ravel’s Bolero, it was far too long at over 17 minutes when they were only allowed 4 minutes of skating for their performance. After working together with a professional musician for three days, they could only get it down to 4 minutes and 28 seconds. As the 4 minutes only started ticking once their skates were on the ice, the beginning of their now famous performance was invented and they started it on their knees so that wouldn’t be counted in their time.

Their iconic performance is still as brilliant today as it was 25 years ago. It was the first time ever that any skater had achieved the top score of 6.0 across the board, which has never been done again since.
Have a look and see for yourself – Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean and Ravel’s Bolero.


Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

I love it when it snows. Everywhere looks so beautiful when snow covers the ground, the trees, fences, everywhere. But of course I don’t like it if the snow makes everything grind to a halt, making driving impossible and stopping people working or food getting to the shops. Other countries seem to have much more snow than we do here in the UK, but they cope with it far better than we do. It’s cold and frosty and icy at the moment, but we’ve only had a sprinking of snow on high ground.
As well as enjoying the beauty of a snowscape, I love the shape of snowflakes themselves. Although snowflakes have a shape that’s instantly recognisable, no two snowflakes are the same. Isn’t that amazing! I love silver jewellery and when I was browsing in a gallery of handmade silver jewellery, I saw a silver snowflake! I couldn’t resist it! I really enjoyed wearing it at Christmas, but as it’s quite delicate, I’ve now put it away. If we get snow, I’ll wear it again, but if not I’ll keep it for next Christmas. Here’s a photo of it. I think it’s beautiful.

Silver snowflake - HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

Like Warhol

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

One of the many things I like about the photo sharing website Flickr is ‘Flickr toys’. These are scripts etc that other Flickr users have written that can be used to create special effects on photos. One of the most prolific inventors of Flickr toys is fd. I’ve already used his Mosaic Maker on Flower Mosaic and Abstract Art and now I’ve just tried his Warholizer. It mimics Andy Warhol’s famous Pop Art silk screened multi coloured repetitions such as the one he did of Marilyn Munroe. Once the images have been created, I can keep changing the colours until I find something that I’m happy with. These are two of the first ones I’ve made, and I’m very pleased with them. I must try printing them out as I think they would be good to use on my Katie-Rose hand crafted cards.

Barn Dancing

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

I went to a barn dance today. It was a friend’s birthday celebration. I love barn dancing, but I’m not keen on the dances where you ‘progress’ round the room changing partners every time you go through the sequence of moves. There’s a wide range of suitability of partners, and progressing round the room usually means meeting all of them!

There’s the man who squeezes your hand so tight that he nearly breaks your fingers and the one who whirls you round so fast that you feel not only dizzy, but sick as well. Then there’s the man who hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing and you have to try and lead him, which isn’t very easy as dances are designed for the man to lead the woman.

There’s the child who is far too young to understand the moves but is let loose on a roomful of unsuspecting ladies by an indulgent parent. When the child has a tantrum and refuses to continue, where does that leave the poor lady who is in need of a partner, but whose proper partner is now halfway round the room?

The best dance that I had was when the caller wanted to demonstrate some moves and asked me to help him. Dancing with a man who knows what he’s doing and leads his partner properly is an exhilarating experience!

I’ve had a lovely Birthday!

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who has sent me cards and messages of good wishes on my Birthday!
I’ve had a lovely day. This morning I went to visit a friend in a nearby town. She had invited me for a cup of coffee, so I thought that it would be at her house, but when I got there, she had decided that we would go out to a local cafe. It was lovely. I had coffee in a big white cup and a piece of home made coffee cake. I did enjoy it. I had never been to that cafe before, and it was just the sort of place I like. I must make sure I go there again!
Later, I had lunch at my favourite store in my local town. I had a wander round the clothes departments and the Food Hall. It was Christmas everywhere! Lots of red and gold, and I even saw a black Christmas Tree. I don’t think I’d want a black one, but I suppose it could look good decorated in lots of silver in a minimalist flat decorated in black and white.
Later I went to see my daughter. Yes I did get a home made chocolate birthday cake with candles to blow out!