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Lighthouse at Strumble Head

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

The lantern at Strumble Head

While I was on holiday in Wales with a group of friends, one of the places we visited was Strumble Head. It was beautiful! We had a picnic looking out over the sea, and we spotted some seals basking on the rocks.

What I liked best was the lighthouse. It looked so beautiful against the blue sky and I spent some time watching it and learning the lantern’s sequence so that I could anticipate it and take this shot.

For more information see here.

Seagull at Swanage

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Dancing seagull at Swanage

There are always a lot of seagulls at Swanage. They seem to congregate on the rocks near the cafes. Waiting for some leftovers when diners have left the outside tables perhaps.

I like seagulls. They seem to have so much personality as they strut around the beach as if they own it. Perhaps they do!

Dorset in the fog

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Misty Dorset coast

I was lucky enough to be able to have a few days holiday by the coast. The end of March wasn’t the best of weather, but Dorset is beautiful at any time of the year.

I wanted to go back to Durdle Door. I planned to sit on the beach with my book and my picnic and try and take some lovely photos of Durdle Door.

I parked in the car park, opened the door, and nearly got blown away by the strong wind! I walked to the edge of the cliff to find Durdle Door shrouded in thick fog!

So I read my book and ate my picnic in the warmth of the car and still enjoyed the views that I could see. As I left the car park to move on to somewhere less foggy, I saw these two lovely trees peeping through the mist.

Beach huts at Hamworthy

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Three beach huts at Hamworthy

I love walking along the beach looking out for shells and listening to the swishing of the waves.
I love beach huts too. These are at Hamworthy, Poole in Dorset.

Autumn mists

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Beach huts at Ferring

Well, September is nearly at an end, and October is rushing towards us. I don’t like this time of year. It’s cold and dull, and I’m wondering whether to put the heating on or shall I wait a few more days. I miss the sun and the brightness, and the lovely colours of flowers.

Yes, autumn leaves are beautiful, but to take good photos of them you need to catch them when the sun is shining, which can be rare, and you need to go out into the cold and damp and mistiness!

So I’m really glad that I’ve got a collection of photos that I took in the summer to remind me of better, warmer weather and lovely places. I love the seaside and especially beach huts, so here’s a photo to bring back memories of walking on a summer beach.

Retracing my childhood memories

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The Mew Stone at Wembury

Last week I was holiday in Devon, so I was able to visit Wembury. It has a very special place in my memories because my Grandmother lived there when I was a child, and so I spent part of every childhood summer on the beach.

As we walked along the lane to the beach every morning, carrying spades and buckets, I got so excited. I knew that we would come to a point in the lane where suddenly the sea would come into view. It was magical. As we got nearer and nearer we could see more of the sea including the Great Mew Stone.

Soon we could see the little Church and we’d arrive at the steps down to the beach. They were steep steps and I struggled to get down them, but I suppose that’s because I was small and they just seemed steep to me. Halfway down the steps we passed a little shop selling colourful buckets and spades, nets and ice creams. I loved the bright colours.

We’d spend all day digging in the sand, making sandcastles, collecting buckets of sea water to fill the moat, paddling, climbing on the rocks and collecting shells. Mum brought sandwiches which I think we managed to eat without getting sand it them. The weather always seemed to be be warm and sunny, but thay may just be a trick of my memory.

The Mew Stone is about 5 miles out but it dominates the beach and as a child I came to love it’s shape, so it was very special to be able to take this photo of it.


Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I spent the first two weeks of June on holiday on the South Coast. It was lovely! The weather was good, and I was able to relax and spend time doing things that I really enjoy. I love being by the sea, and walking along the beach listening to the sound of the waves.

I love beach huts, piers and seagulls and I managed to find quite a few of all of them in different places. Of course I came back with lots and lots of photos! I’m still sifting through them choosing the best ones to keep and deleting the ones that are duplications or not very good.

One of my favourite seaside towns to visit is Swanage in Dorset. It has sea and steam trains – two of my passions – within a few minutes of each other. I can watch a steam train come in, then walk through the town and sit on the beach, then walk back to the station for the next steam train! There aren’t many places that you can do that!

After wandering along the pier, I went on a cliff walk which was lovely. The view was amazing. I had to keep stopping just to gaze out to sea and take photos. I took quite a few of the wild flowers on the cliff edge with the sea behind them. I love the contrast of the shapes and colours, and the delicate flowers against the blue ripples of the sea.

This is one of my favourites which is also on my Flickr photostream.

Cliff top view at Swanage

Finding my way round.

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

My sense of direction has never been very good. I’m good at reading a map though, and I don’t need to turn it upsidedown!

Science tells us that mens brains work differently from womens and the average man has better spacial awareness than the average woman. A man is usually capable of looking at a map and then holding a 3D image of it in his mind while he drives the journey without needing to consult the map again! I wish I skills like that! It would make travelling so much easier. I see a journey as a ribbon. Even though I’m turning left and right, the journey imprints itself on my memory in a long straight strip. That means that I have no idea which direction I’m travelling in.

Before a journey I study the map and make a list of the main towns that I want to go through together with the road numbers and which motorway exits I need. This works well until the signeage lets me down. Many times I’ve been following signs to a particular town when I come to a roundabout and find that town is completely missing from any of the signs. Which way do I go? In an area I’m not familliar with, I don’t know instantly while going round a roundabout which town is the right direction. It’s a nightmare. It’s hard not to panic and once I’ve taken the wrong direction I can quickly get lost.

Since I bought a satnav a couple of years ago journeys have been a lot easier and much more fun. Satnavs get a lot of bad press, but it’s not their fault, it’s the way people use them. It’s a tool to be used with intelligence. They are definately not infallible, and not to be followed blindly, otherwise you will end up in a narrow lane that you can’t turn round in.

I use mine as a moving map. I still have my list and my map on the front seat, and I put the satnav out of the way on the windscreen so that I can check it quickly if I need to. It will tell me the name of the road I’m on so that I always know that I’m going the right way, and on the notorious roundabouts that won’t tell me which exit to take, it’s invaluable because my journey is highlighted in purple. All I have to do is take a quick glance at the screen and it tells me which exit to take because it’s purple. It’s taken such a lot of stress out of journeys and enabled me to go to places that I’d never have had the confidence to try without it.

It’s brilliant locally too. If I’m visiting someone whose house I’ve never been to before, instead of asking for detailed directions as I used to, I just get the address and the postcode. The satnav will take me straight to the door! No more wandering up and down the road in the dark and rain looking for a house in a street where the residents don’t believe in numbers. It’s also invaluable when people leave me stranded – but that’s another story for another day!

Foggy New Year’s Eve

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

After being so cold yesterday but without any frost, it was completely different today. I woke up to thick fog, and thick frost on the lawn and the trees and hedges. It looked stunningly beautiful. Usually when the windscreen is iced up, by the time I go out later in the morning it’s thawed out, but not today. The whole car including the lights were iced up. It took me ages scraping it off and my fingers were freezing when I’d finished. The car soon warmed up though. I knew the roads would be icy, and visibility wasn’t good so I drove very carefully and more slowly than I do in good conditions. The fog was really thick especially on the road that hasn’t got any hedges beside it to keep the fog away. That’s where I took this photo. The journey was fine, except for the woman who drove behind me far too close to be safe for the distance and conditions. When she refused to drop back and leave the proper braking distance between us, I pulled in and let her pass. She shot off far too fast for the conditions, but she was the only one. Everyone else I saw was driving sensibly. Oh yes, Happy New Year to everyone!

Foggy New Year's Eve

This photo can be seen on my Flickr photostream. Can you see the trees through the fog?

Weekend break

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I’ve just had a weekend away on the South Coast and really enjoyed it. It was great to get away for a break, and the weather was good for December. It wasn’t icy like it has been here, and there wasn’t much rain. I visited a couple of towns to have a look round at the different shops and architecture. They both had a Woolworths, but there’s not much left in them now.
I love the sea at any time of the year, but in the winter it’s so wild. When I walked along the seafront, there were big waves rising up and crashing down making so much spray that I was looking at everything through a mist. I love the sound that the sea makes. I could just stand and listen to it. Nature’s music. And I love the colours. Beautiful shades of turquoise sea next to yellow ochre sand. So calming and relaxing. And so many seagulls dancing and splashing on the beach to make me laugh.