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Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Later this week there’s an election. Where I live we’re voting for MEPs and our County Councillor. Our current one is the best councillor I’ve ever been represented by and I definately want him to be re-elected, so I offered to help him by delivering leaflets.

It didn’t take as long as I had expected, but it was interesting. I did the whole of the estate that I live on, and it was amazing to see somewhere so familiar to me from completely new angles as walked back down garden paths.

I enjoyed looking at all the lovely flowers in the gardens, and the variety of different designs in front doors was amazing! One thing that did surprise me was that some front doors had clear glass in them and without meaning to pry, I could see straight through the hall into the kitchen and out again into the back garden. It didn’t give much privacy. You’d have to rememeber to get dressed before nipping downstairs to make a cup of tea!

I used to have a brass backing to my letterbox, but it took to falling off so I abandoned it before it chopped my toes off. But I discovered during my leafleting that most houses have these sort of brush sandwiches to keep the draught out. The problem with them is that they do their best to keep the post out too! The leaflet – 4 layers of thick paper – wasn’t strong enough to open the brushes, so I had to push my fingers in first to make an opening for it. I tried to do it very quickly as I was a bit nervous in case there was a dog behind the door who might be unable to resist juicy fingers coming through the letterbox! I mentally started inventing a tool to use to make the job easier. I think the brushes must have made the task twice as long as it would have been without them.

I wonder what postmen do. If I had to do lots of delivering I would have a tool to help – something I could fold round the post and then push it through the brushes and push the post through the tool into the house, without risking my fingertips!

Sitting in the sun

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

I sat out in the garden today for the first time this year. I’d gone out to check on my beans and it was so warm that I sat down on the garden bench and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face. It was lovely and relaxing.

I could hear the birds twittering and the bees buzzing and there was a lovely fragrance of summer. There are lots of flowers out in the garden at the moment. Pink, purple, orange, blue, yellow…. but the yellow ones aren’t supposed to be there.

Buttercups have spread out from the border and are creeping across the lawn. They’re very pretty, but they’re not supposed to be there. I ought to do something about them, but they look nice. A flower is only a weed when it’s growing somewhere it isn’t wanted.

Grow beans grow

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

When I went out to check on my beans, they had holes in their leaves! I’d spent weeks looking after them and nurturing them so that they were strong and healthy, and after only one night out in the real world, they’ve been attacked!

I’m sure it won’t matter if the lower leaves get eaten, as long as the growing tip is safe. So I’ve been telling them to grow so that they reach up and away from whatever’s eating them.

It will either be snails or slugs, but I can’t remember which. I heard on Gardener’s World the other day that only one lot of them was around at the moment, but I can’t remember which one. Anyone else know?

I meant to go out with a torch last night and have a look to see what was happening and see if I could pick off the culprits, but I forgot. I’ll have to get into the habit.

Soon they’ll grow tall and safe and wind their way up and round their bamboo sticks, so I won’t have to worry about them any more.

Planting out

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Just over 5 weeks ago, I planted some runner beans in small pots. They were ones I had saved from the plants I grew last year. I probably should have planted them out sooner, but they seemed quite happy in their pots, and I wanted to wait until it wasn’t so cold and pouring with rain.

I chose a bit of ground and dug it over to make it nice and friable and I took out any stones I found. Then I dug in some of my home made compost, and put in the little plants, heeled them in and watered them.

I started off by planting 12 beans. 3 didn’t germinate and I gave some away which left me with 4 nice healthy looking plants. That should be plenty. I’ve planted them near to the house so that even if it’s raining I can easily nip out while I’m cooking and pick a few to steam.

I’ve enjoyed watching them germinate. The bean splits open and a stalk starts to grow out of it. Gradually leaves appear. Isn’t it amazing what can grow out of seeds.

A sunny day

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

It’s a lovely sunny day today. I’m going to go out for a walk to see if I can find anything interesting to take photos of. Flowers for macro shots, insects, grasses, buildings etc. Anything I can find that I can make into an interesting image.

Tuesday was a lovely sunny day too, but Monday – Bank Holiday Monday – wasn’t. It was cold and overcast with showers. I was quite disappointed with the weather on Monday. I had planned to go and visit a very old local garden that was having one of it’s rare afternoons when they’re open to the public.

It’s a beautiful garden that is a joy to walk around and enjoy, but what I really wanted to do was to photograph the beautiful red and white striped tulips they have there. They’re stunning! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful tulips and there are so many of them. They’re everywhere. In pots, in the flower beds, all at different stages of opening and leaning over at different angles. It’s a photographer’s paradise!

I’m sure that it will be open later in the year, but it will be too late for tulips. Maybe there will be some beautiful roses out next time. That would be good. I love roses, and they photograph beautifully!

Fortunately I do have some lovely shots of the tulips that I took last year. Here’s one that I’ve enhanced with special effects.

Aren’t they beautiful!?

Red and white tulip

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