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100 years of Morgan

Friday, July 31st, 2009

I love Morgans. They’re the type of car that makes you smile as you see one go past. I was lucky enough to have a ride in one once when a friend of mine asked her brother to take me out for a drive in his. That was fun. It was summer and the roof was down and everyone looked as we drove past! He worked for Morgan which is why he had one. I think everyone who works for them drives one, which is certainly good publicity for them.

There have been a lot of Morgans on the roads recently because of their 100th anniversary celebrations. Last week as I was travelling to visit someone, my journey took me past the Morgan factory and there were lots of them parked outside. To see one is fun and exciting, but to see so many of them all together was brilliant.

You can see more about their Centenary Festival here.

I took this photo of a Morgan a while ago in Tewkesbury, and you can see the lovely old buildings of that town reflected in the shiny bodywork. You can also see a bit of a reflection of me!

Click on the photo to see it bigger on my Flickr photostream.

100 years of Morgan