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I haven’t got swine flu.

Monday, August 24th, 2009

I’ve been really ill for the past month.

At first every day I thought ‘I’ll be better tomorrow’, but I wasn’t, I was really, really ill and wasn’t getting better at all. There was a lot of talk in the media about swine flu, so I did wonder if that was what I had. I checked on the internet and phoned the swine flu help line and found that I didn’t have the right symptoms for swine flu, and also that I had other symptoms that weren’t associated with swine flu.

After a week of no improvement at all, I phoned the Doctors’ surgery and spoke to a doctor. I explained my symptoms and he agreed with me that I didn’t have the symptoms of swine flu, and he told me to rest and drink lots and he gave me a Certificate for work saying that I had ’suspected swine flu’.

I went on feeling so ill that it felt as if I was going to die, and for another week I made no improvement at all. Then a friend phoned me and told me that it was ridiculous that I had been so ill for two weeks and had not been seen by a doctor, so she came over and took me to the surgery. I explained the symptoms, exactly as I had done the week before, and I was diagnosed with a chest infection and a viral illness. No wonder I’d been feeling so ill having both of those together. I was given penicillin and anti viral tablets, and within a few days I started to make a small improvement.

Now, four and a half weeks after I started to feel ill, I am beginning to feel as if I am on the mend. What a shame it was that the first doctor didn’t listen to me. If he had taken my symptoms seriously, I could have had the medication sooner, not been so ill for so long, and not had to have so much time off work.

Looking for meteors

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Today is the best day to look our for the Perseid meteors. In the Earth’s journey around the Sun, at this time of year we pass through debris and dust that’s been left by Comet Swift-Tuttle, and as the particles burn up when they enter our atmosphere, we can see them as shooting start or meteors streaking across the sky.

I had a look for them yesterday, but I didn’t see a thing! I took a couple of blankets out into the garden, lay on one and wrapped myself up in the other one. I was nice and warm and cosy and it was quite comfortable. It was nice and clear, and as it started to get dark, more and more stars popped out. I could see the Plough and the W-shape of Cassiopeia.

It was lovely and relaxing. It was very quiet with only the occasional dog barking or car on the main road. It was a bit like camping. I enjoyed just lying there smelling the grass and watching moths flying over. I stayed outside for about an hour until it clouded over. If I’d seen some meteors as well, it would have been brilliant!

If it isn’t raining or cloudy tonight, I’ll have another go.

Abbey Road

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

There was traffic chaos in London’s Abbey Road today. The zebra crossing there has been immortalized by appearing on the cover of the Beatles eleventh official UK album named Abbey Road after the recording studios nearby where the Beatles recorded their music.

There are always tourists risking their lives in the busy traffic posing on the crossing to have their photos taken Beatle fashion. It can make life very difficult for taxi drivers, bus drivers and other traffic as they have to wait while people pose.

Today it’s exactly 40 years ago since that first iconic photo was taken, and fans swarmed onto Abbey Road to celebrate and remember.