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There are advantages to being ill …….

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

…… but not many of them. I discovered one of them yesterday though. I’ve been ill since the end of July, when I developed a chest infection and viral illness at the same time. Unfortunately after all this time, I’m still not better and the doctor has told me that I’ve got Post Viral Fatigue. He says it could last for weeks, or months or years! I don’t want to be ill for that long. I feel fine when I’m sitting here, but as soon as I get up and try to do something physical I get absolutely exhausted.

When I was really ill for all of August, I could hardly do anything. I knew it was important to eat properly to help me get better, so that’s what I concentrated my very limited energy on. I tried to eat good nourishing food, probably better than I do usually when I’m busy and rushing around. (yes, I can just about remember being like that!)

When I had recovered enough to go back to work after being off for five and a half weeks, my new hours had started. Funny how things work out isn’t it. I’m working every other day now, which gives me a day to rest and recover in between. As soon as I started working again, people said to me ‘You’ve lost weight’ Well that’s good news. I wanted to lose a bit of weight, but not in such a drastic way by being so ill!

I’ve been wearing black to work ever since I had that meeting in July. I couldn’t wear colour as I was in mourning for the loss of the hours but especially for the loss of the creative part of my job that I’m not expected to do any more. Yesterday for the first time I decided that I was ready to wear some colour. I chose a long turquoise skirt and turquoise top, but I did team it with a black cardigan because I didn’t have a colour to go with the skirt.

I had a bit of time to look at the shops before work, and wanted to try and find a brown cardigan – so I could move on from black! There wasn’t one in the shop I like, but I did see the skirt that I’d had my eye on all summer. I was hoping that it would be in the sale by now but it wasn’t.

I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly and looked really nice, so I decided to buy it. I also decided to wear it, because as I’d been walking round looking at the shops, my turquoise skirt kept slipping down and I had to keep pulling it up. It was in danger of slipping off altogether, which as well as causing me acute embarrasment, could have tripped me up and caused an injury, especially if I was on the stairs at the time. It definately wasn’t safe to wear it to work.

It was only 3 weeks since I’d last worn that skirt, so I certainly have lost some weight. I’m happy with that, and I hope that I can manage not to put it back on again when I’m better, which I hope will be very soon!

What a blessing!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I went round to a friend’s house the other day where a few of us were having a get together. As the front door was opened, I saw my friend Mary standing in the hall wearing a gorgeous coat. It was pretend suede with a pretend fur collar in a lovely chocloate brown colour and it looked really warm but very smart. I said to her ‘I love your new coat’ and she took it off and handed it to me and said ‘Does it fit you?’

She explained that one of our group was giving it away and everyone else had tried it on but it was too small for them. I tried it and it fitted perfectly! It was gorgeous! It was so warm and felt lovely to wear. As I was the only one it fitted the lady who owned it was happy to give it to me! I don’t know why she was giving it away, as it looked brand new. She didn’t offer any explanation and she didn’t want any money for it.

I thanked her and explained to her that I felt very blessed to receive it because with the recent halving of my hours and salary at work my finances were a bit of a worry.

When I took the coat off, I noticed the cherry red label inside it – ‘Monsoon’! Wow! I’ve never owned a Monsoon coat before! I really like their clothes but I could never justify paying that much for fashion clothes. So I feel really blessed and will really enjoy wearing my new coat. I think someone is looking after me and keeping an eye on my finances.

Air Show

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Air show

It was a lovely sunny afternoon on Saturday. I was in the kitchen, but I had the door open into the garden when I heard a loud engine sound that told me there was a plane coming very low. I ran out into the garden to have a look. A huge plane, well it looked huge to me, flew right over my house and garden. As I stood and watched it, I heard another one coming so I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took some shots of it.

Then I went back to what I’d been doing, but before long I heard the sound again. This time I was ready and got shots of both of them. I wondered where they were going. I knew that Kemble Air Show was on that weekend, so I had a look at the map, and although it’s quite a way away in a different county from me, it did look as though that was the direction the planes were heading.

This went on all afternoon and I got some nice shots of them. It was fun having my own personal Air Show in my back garden with the noise of the engines and the different shapes of the big planes flying so low.

Here’s one of the photos I took. Friends on Flickr have identified it as a Boeing C17 Globemaster, and sure enough when I checked the Kemble Air Show website it confirmed that my guess of where they were heading was right. “Pending Operational Commitments the RAFs largest and newest transport aircraft the Boeing C17 Globemaster, based locally at RAF Brize Norton, has been confirmed as part of the Air Show.”

I’m eating beans at last!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know about the problems that I had with my first crop of beans. My second crop which was planted quite late in the season has at last started to produce beans!

I nurtured the plants this time and kept them high up for as long as I could. When I planted them out in the ground, I went out slug hunting every night. I took a torch and my trowel and each night there would be anything up to 5 or 6 big fat juicy slugs. Some were the usual black ones, some were brown and some were orange. I’ve never seen so many different types of slugs before, but then I haven’t actually searched the garden with a torch before!

They didn’t last very long. I chopped them in half with my trowel and watched as their insides oozed out. I had to be careful not to get my shoes splashed with slug insides – not very nice. I didn’t like chopping them in half, but if they had kept away from my beans I wouldn’t have had to do it. I couldn’t let them decimate my second crop. I left the chopped up bodies near the bean plants because I discovered that they attracted other slugs which meant that they left the beans alone.

So I’ve watched as the plants slowly climbed up their canes, had lovely red flowers which attracted big fluffly bees, and started to grow little beans as the flowers died back. It’s been really interesting watching the growing process. Now at last there are enough young juicy beans to pick for a meal.

I start cooking the meal, then I go out and pick a handful of beans. They’re lovely and fresh. I either steam them for a few minutes or microwave them. I like putting them in the same dish as a thinly cut up carrot in the microwave. They’re gorgeous! They’re sweet and beautifull! I’ve never tasted such lovely beans before! It was well worth all the effort and the nocturnal trips down the garden. I’ll definately grow them again.

Here are the plants when they had reached the top of their six foot + canes. Haven’t they grown a lot since the last time you saw a photo of them!

Runner beans


Friday, September 11th, 2009

In memory of all the people who died in the 9/11 tragedy eight years ago today……….

Congratulations Mr President


Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

It’s one of those special days today. We’ve been having them once a year since the new Millenium. It will have started on the 1st of January 2001 with 01/01/01 and has been repeated one number further along every year since. Unless they’re very old, nobody will have experienced these sort of dates before, because they only happen in the first 12 years of a new century so the last time it happened was at the beginning of the 1900s.

People seem to like to use these special dates to get married. I heard on the local radio of a couple who got married today. They are both firefighters and the bride arrived at the registry office on a fire engine. She said that the reason they chose today’s date was so that her husband wouldn’t be able to forget the date of their anniversary because he would remember that they got married on 999!

Only another three of these special dates, and then we’ll have to wait another 89 years!

September’s here

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I have mixed feelings about September. I like the fact that everything that stopped for the summer starts again in September. It was good to get back to Camera Club this week and see everyone again and I really enjoyed the slide show of photos from camera clubs all over the country. They’ve given me some inspiration for ideas to try for my own photos.

What I don’t like about September is that it’s the end of the summer and autumn starts to creep into my days. It starts in the evenings when I find I need a coat because there’s a chill in the air. Then I need one in the daytime too. I seem to very optimistic about the weather and I often don’t take a coat or an umbrella because I’m expecting it to be lovely and sunny. Of course I’m frequently disappointed when I discover that I was wrong! So I have to remember to keep an umbrella and a jacket in the boot of the car so I’m not caught out when I’m too optimistic.

I love the summer. I love the warmth and the sun and I love being by the sea. It’s a pity that I live so far away from the sea, but I’ve been lucky enough to have two holidays this year where I was able to enjoy walking on the beach and taking photos of beach huts, piers, boats etc. Because I love the summer so much, I always think that it will go on for ever. Didn’t it used to do that when I was a child? So when summer ends and autumn starts I have to be careful not to get down about it.

I think September is the worst month as I can still remember the lovely hot sun. By the time the clocks change in October and it’s dark in the evenings it reminds me that it’s not long until my birthday in November.

Here’s one of the photos that I took at the beach on one of my holidays…..

Boat at Goring