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June waxing gibbous Moon

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

June waxing gibbous Moon

We’ve had some really good sunny weather for the past few weeks, which has given us some lovely clear skies. That means that I’ve been able to take photos of the Moon on lots of consecutive days!

My ambition is to get a shot of it on every day of it’s visible phases, and then to make a mosaic of them. I must be nearly there now! I must organise and collate the shots and see which days I’m missing.

Even though I’ve only got a fairly small point and shoot, and the quality of my photos aren’t as good or detailed as someone with better equipment, I’m really pleased with my results. The camera is small enough to carry everywhere with me, which I need to do because the skies can change so quickly.

I’ve had the situation where I saw the Moon in a lovely clear sky when I came out of work, but when I arrived home 10 minutes later it had clouded over, and stayed like that for the rest of the evening! Now that I have my camera with me, I stop and take some shots as soon as I see it.

Poppies in my garden

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Mauve poppy

I’m really enjoying the beautiful poppies that are around at the moment. This one’s in my garden. I’ve had these lovely pink and mauve poppies around for several years, and every year when they’ve gone over, I spread the seeds around the garden and hope that some of them will come up somewhere! Thankfully, they do!

I go out first thing in the morning when a new poppy is out, and I can get photos of it looking clean and beautiful like this one. A little later in the morning, it will have pollen all over it looking as though someone has tipped some sand into it!

I’ve been watching bees visit them and I’m fascinated to see what they do! They get right down into the bottom of the flower, lying on their side and they work their way round underneath the frondy bits – is that the stamen? They seem to hold on to a bunch of them with their legs while they wipe their mouth up and down them, presumably collecting pollen. At least I think that’s what they do. It’s all so fast. I must try and take a video of it.

I’m still enjoying my little photoshoots every day after work when I stop at a bit wasteland on the way home, but it’s lovely to have poppies in my garden where I can see them from the kitchen window and pop out any time I want to have a look or take photos.

Fragile poppies

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Purple poppy

I love poppies. They’re so beautiful, but so delicate and fleeting. I have some of the big pink ones in my garden, and I know that I must take photos as soon as I see one of them come out, as it will probably only last for a day or two.

About a week ago, I was driving to work, when I noticed a flash of pink and purple out of the corner of my eye. I stopped the car, and found a bit of wasteland where the most amazingly beautiful poppies were growing on a pile of rubble, bricks and soil! I was amazed! They’re the most beautiful poppies I’ve ever seen, and they weren’t in a beautiful garden, they were just on a pile of rubble!

I couldn’t stop then as I had to get to work, but I made sure I stopped on the way home and took as many photos as I could, reaching out over the rubble and snapping without being able to see what I was taking. Lots of them had to be deleted, but I just kept going until I had some I was pleased with.

I’ve been stopping on my way home everyday since then, because the poppies change so quickly. First there are buds, then they open out and display their beauty to the world, then the petals fall off one by one, and a beautiful fat seedhead is left. But there are lots more to come out and take their place.

I wonder how long they’ll last. How long will I be able to look forward to my little photoshoot on the way home?

Pink and mauve poppy


Sunday, June 6th, 2010

We’ve had some lovely hot, sunny weather lately and I’d been enjoying being in the garden, sitting on the bench reading my book or eating my lunch and catching up with the gardening. I wanted to clear one of the overgrown flowerbeds and make it into a vegetable plot.

Today I was planning to carry on with the clearing. I was just checking my emails before going outside, when I heard thunder. I looked up to see rain pouring down like stair rods! My washing! I’d washed lots of tops and T shirts and had laid them outside to dry flat in the sun. Now rain was hammering down onto them. I opened the back door thinking I’d run out and rescue them, but when I saw the rain I knew that I would have been soaked to the skin before I’d even got to them, so I stayed inside and watched with dismay as they got soaked instead!

This is a photo of my paved garden path which turned into a pond with more than an inch of water on it!

It’s stopped raining now and the sun has come out again, and my T shirts will have to start drying all over again. I’m sure we needed some rain, and we certainly got a lot of it, even though it didn’t last for long! My garden will have benefitted from it, won’t it?

Moon shots

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Full Moon

As anyone who follows my blog or my Flickr photostream will know, one of the things I love to take photos of is the Moon. I love studying it, and looking at it through binoculars, but that’s fleeting. If I take a photo of it, I’ve got a record I can go back to.

My ambition is to take a shot of the Moon on each day of it’s visible phases, and then make a mosaic of them. It’s a while since I started to do it, but our cloudy English weather has made it frustratingly difficult to do.

But during April, May and June so far, we’ve had some lovely sunny weather which has given us clear skies and I’ve managed to take shots of the Moon on quite a few days, some of them being phases that I’ve never managed to get before.

So I’m getting quite excited! The good weather has been forecast to continue, so I may achieve my goal before too long!

The photo at the top is of the last Full Moon taken at 10.30pm on 27th May, and the one below was taken at 8.30am this morning when the waning Moon is 66% illuminated, one day away from being at it’s 3rd Quarter.

Morning Moon