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A wasp in the office

Friday, August 27th, 2010

I don’t usually mind wasps. I’m happy to get up close to them and to bees to try and take photos of them. When they’re in the garden on the flowers they sit still for a little while, and sometimes I can take a shot of them before they flit off to another flower.

I didn’t like the one I saw today though. It must have come in the open office window, because the first I knew about it was when it was flitting round my drink of apple juice. It was flying all over the place and wouldn’t keep still. I tried to get it out of the open window by gently guiding it with a sheet of paper, but it wouldn’t go. Instead it went to the next window. The one that was closed, the one I couldn’t open because the handle was too high up for me to reach.

I couldn’t concentrate on my work because I didn’t want to lose sight of it and accidentally put my arm on it, or worse take a drink of my apple juice while it was in the glass.

So my two colleagues came to the rescue. One of them was standing on my chair trying to reach to open the other window while the other one was on the other side of the office. I kept out of the way as they started batting the poor wasp backwards and forwards with magazines. Even though I was nervous in case I got stung, it made me laugh to see how one small wasp made two grown men behave!

Eventually one of them got it, and it fell to the ground, dead. Now why hadn’t it listened to me and gone out of the open window when I told it to.