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Early or just right?

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

I woke up early this morning. Well, I did according to the clock, but not according to the light outside and my body clock. It was 6.15am by the clock, but because last night the clocks went back an hour as we changed from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time, it was really 7.15am to me.

Hence a dilemma. Do I try to go back to sleep again, and make the most of the ‘extra hour in bed’ that everyone says we get when the clocks go back, or do I get up because it’s my usual time to wake up?

I decided to get up. So instead of that ‘extra hour in bed’ I had an extra hour in my morning, which I found useful.

It takes me about a week to get used to the change. For the next few days I’ll be looking at the clock and thinking to myself, yes the clock says it’s that time, but it’s really…..!

Now that the clocks have changed, it’ll be dark when I leave work, but I don’t mind that because it reminds me that my birthday isn’t too far away.

Low light photography

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

This week I had a chance to join a group of photgraphers to do some low light photography. It’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve never used a tripod, but somebody lent me one, and the tutor helped me with the settings for my camera.

It was fun! I didn’t get it right, but at least now I understand a little bit about it. I’m going to have another go to see if I can get the settings right for the available light and take some better shots.

Behind this lovely old gas lamp, there is an outline of the trees. If you click on the picture twice, you’ll be able to view it in black which suits it better.

Low light photography

National Poetry Day

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Cosmea - playing with special effects

It’s National Poetry Day today and my local library is holding an exhibition of poetry chosen by their borrowers. They invited people to submit photos to illustrate the poems.

I entered several photos for different poems, and one of mine won! It illustrates a poem called ‘What is Pink?’ and has been printed out quite large, and is now on display in the library!

Here’s the poem by Christina Rossetti

What is Pink?

What is pink? A rose is pink
By the fountain’s brink.
What is red? A poppy’s red
In it’s barley bed.
What is blue? The sky is blue
Where the clouds float through.
What is white? A swan is white
Sailing in the light.
What is yellow? Pears are yellow
Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? The grass is green,
With small flowers between.
What is violet? Clouds are violet
In the summer twilight.
What is orange? Why, an orange,
Just an orange!

Confusing politics

Friday, October 1st, 2010

I’m puzzled and confused.

Ed Miliband has just been elected as the new leader of the Labour party. His older brother David was also standing in the election, and so he got beaten by his brother.

For days after the election, there was a lot talk in the media about what David would do now. Would he continue in politcs? Now several days later, it’s been announced that he won’t be part of the Shadow Cabinet, but will stay on the back benches.

Why on earth would he do that? By putting his name forward for the Labour leadership election, he was making himself available to be not only the leader of the labour party, but the Prime Minister if the labour party ever won an election.

If he thinks that he has the gifts and skills that are needed to do that, which he obviously does as he put his name forward, why is he refusing to be part of the shadow cabinet? That doesn’t seem right to me, and makes me wonder about his motivation in putting his name forward in the first place.