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Looking for the X Factor in the cold

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

With the finals of X Factor on in a few days time, all the finalists were visiting their home towns with their celebrity mentors yesterday.

I’d heard all about local girl Cher Lloyd visiting her primary school and her home on the local radio. I was due to visit my daughter and I wondered if I’d be able to get there as the radio said that the roads were being cordoned off by the police.

But it was ok, the visit to the school must have finished by the time I got there, and I didn’t know where she lives.

After I’d been at my daughter’s for a while, she said shall we walk round the corner and see what’s going on at Cher’s house. I had no idea that it was so close, so we went to see what was happening.

There were several police cars, quite a few policemen, two identical celebrity cars with black windows, a beautiful vintage Bentley, a small crowd of children and local people, and several TV cameras. The children had been on their way home from their school nearby and I think they just happened across it because of the police prescence.

We knew that Cher and her celebrity mentor Cheryl Cole were inside, and when the policeman told us what time they were due to leave to go to Cher’s free concert for the people of Malvern, we decided we might as well wait and see them come out. We were enjoying the party atmosphere and chatting to the policemen and other people we knew, but it was cold.

We got colder and colder and wondered if we could manage to wait. Eventually we had to give up and go back into the warm. We only missed their exit by 15 minutes as we heard the cheers and shouts from around the corner! It would have been interesting to see how Cher and Cheryl managed to get through the crowd to the waiting cars, but warming my ice cold feet had to come first!