Confusing politics

I’m puzzled and confused.

Ed Miliband has just been elected as the new leader of the Labour party. His older brother David was also standing in the election, and so he got beaten by his brother.

For days after the election, there was a lot talk in the media about what David would do now. Would he continue in politcs? Now several days later, it’s been announced that he won’t be part of the Shadow Cabinet, but will stay on the back benches.

Why on earth would he do that? By putting his name forward for the Labour leadership election, he was making himself available to be not only the leader of the labour party, but the Prime Minister if the labour party ever won an election.

If he thinks that he has the gifts and skills that are needed to do that, which he obviously does as he put his name forward, why is he refusing to be part of the shadow cabinet? That doesn’t seem right to me, and makes me wonder about his motivation in putting his name forward in the first place.

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One Response to “Confusing politics”

  1. Muldoon says:

    It’s a good question. The only *positive* reason I can think of is that he thinks it would make things more difficult for Ed, having his older brother hanging around. Imagine the constant comparisons between them if they were both in the cabinet, but the younger one is senior. It would give a lot more ammunition to the press, especially when something goes wrong.

    If David is elsewhere, getting on with other things, it leaves Ed a clearer field. He still has to deal with other leadership candidates though, like Ed Balls.