The fun of Quizzing

For a while now I’ve been going along to a monthly quiz at my local pub with a friend, her husband and her daughter. It’s been quite an interesting experience!

I’m quite good at general knowledge, but I haven’t really got any specialist subjects. I don’t know much about sport, films, chemistry and lots of other things. I do enjoy listening to and watching quizzes on radio and television and you pick up interesting facts that way.

My friend and her husband are retired librarians, and so have some specialised knowledge, and their daughter being younger is good at pop music, films and actors.

So altogether I think we make a good team. My friend’s husband especially seems to know a lot about everything and has an amazing memory, so we are usually ahead of the other teams by half time.

Then we have a problem! There’s always some sort of specialist round. A sheet of terrible photos of actors or obscure car emblems to be identified. Last night we had to name each of the properties and other things – in the correct order – on a Monopoly Board!!

We looked at it and felt our 5 1/2 point lead slipping away! It’s years since I’ve played Monopoly. But even if you play it regularly, would you remember the exact order of everything on the board?

We just had to guess, and amazingly we managed to get 5 out of 39!! Our only competitor got 21 out of 39. I don’t know how they managed to do that!

There were a few more rounds where we managed to pull back some points but we ended up losing by six points. I did wonder if it was worth learning what’s on a Monopoly Board, but when is it likely to crop up again!!?

If you’re trying to remember what it looks like, this will jog your memory…..

4 Responses to “The fun of Quizzing”

  1. Stuart Dootson says:

    I’d do well on the Monopoly board thing, I know – although I haven’t played it for years, my mind has a habit of remembering silly things like that…

  2. Katie-Rose says:

    You must have a photographic memory, Stuart!

  3. Muldoon says:

    I’m sure I’d get the coloured groups in order and probably know which is the most expensive in each group and could name the corner spaces but I’d get a lot of the rest wrong.

    At school I wrote one of my first computer programmes to compare rental incomes from Monopoly properties and still have the punch cards with the programme and data.

    It looks like your picture isn’t a standard board. Is it the US version?

  4. Katie-Rose says:

    I don’t know. I can’t see it close enough to read the writing to see if it’s the US version!!