Being careful when you mow the lawn

On the second really sunny day this summer I was sitting out in the garden reading and relaxing when I noticed that the lawn needed cutting. Although it’s not my favourite job and I do find it hard work, the garden looks so much better when it’s done so I decided to have a go.

I’m always very careful. I make sure I never put my fingers or feet near the blade and I always use a circuit breaker so that I’d be safe if I did accidentally cut the electric cord.

My garden chair had my book and the bag containing my camera on it and I was just thinking I must move that in a minute when there was a terrible noise in the mower similar to when a stone gets caught up in the blades.

I stopped the mower and lifted it away. There in the still long grass was something electronic looking. Whatever was it? What have I done?

Looking more closely I could see it was a lithium battery. Oh no!! My camera? My phone?

Trying not to panic and feeling a bit sick, I picked it up. It was my mobile phone battery. Where was the phone? I found it lying in the grass a bit further away. It was covered in bits of grass and the back cover was missing.

I got the rake and pulled it through the grass until I found the cover. It was bent and cut into 2 pieces and the little glass cover over the camera lens had gone.

But incredibly the rest of the phone looked ok!

I blew the grass out of it. I know you’re not supposed to turn a phone on without the cover on, but I had to find out if it was working. I pressed the button. The screen lit up and it beeped and came on! How amazing! It had been hit by the whizzing blades of a hover mower and only the back cover was mangled up. I think that’s a miracle!

I went straight inside, turned on the computer, Googled, found and ordered a back cover from Amazon. I hope it gets here quickly so I can check out all the phone’s functions and see if it’s ok. I need it’s calendar reminders so that I remember what I need to do!

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