Growing nectarines

I’m not very good at gardening. I don’t seem to have enough strength or energy, but I do what I can.

I’d been managing to keep up with it until I went on holiday. When I came home, it looked like a jungle!

I was at the front of the house pruning and tidying up the flower bed by the lounge window when I saw a little shrubby tree with pointed spear like leaves. I was wondering what it was when I noticed with surprise some big red things on it.

My first thought was that a child’s red rubber ball had got caught in the branches, but as I looked more closely, I found nectarines growing! I was amazed!

How did a nectarine tree manage to grow here in the Midlands of the UK when we’ve had such a cold, wet summer? And how did it manage to produce beautiful full sized nectarines?

They were gorgeous – sweet and juicy and much nicer than any I’ve ever bought from a supermarket. I’m looking forward to next year’s crop already!

One Response to “Growing nectarines”

  1. Muldoon says:

    What good fortune! I hope you had a good crop and will get many more. Maybe you’ll become a major fruit supplier for the Midlands!