Olympic Gold

Wasn’t it wonderful having the London 2012 Olympic Games here in the UK!

I cleared my diary and treated myself to a seat in front of the TV for all of the Olympics and Paralympics. After all, it won’t happen again here in my life time, will it?

I watched British swimmers, cyclists, althetes, horseriders and other sports men and women who I had never heard of but who are now household names.

It was wonderful to see the support given to them as they were cheered on by the crowd. That must have helped them to win their medals.

The Post Office has celebrated each UK Gold Medal winner by painting a Post Box gold in their honour.

Here’s the one in Cheltenham that was painted gold for Alex Gregory and his Olympic gold medal winning performance in the Men’s Four Rowing. The box is in the Upper High Street.

Gold postbox for Olympian Alex Gregory

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