Useful inventions

There are so many inventions that make our lives easier and more comfortable.

After asking me how I had cut my finger, a friend told me about a tin opener that curled over the edges so that they weren’t sharp. I went straight out and bought one, and it amazes me! I don’t know how it does it. It looks like an ordinary tin opener, but you can run your fingers over the edges without any chance of cutting yourself.

A remote control allows channel hopping on the television. I can sit comfortably on the settee, and quickly scroll through all the channels my Freeview box gives me to see if there’s anything I fancy watching. I wouldn’t want to do that if I had to use a button on the TV. I’d get backache bending down and a headache from watching it to closely.

But the gadget I’m always thankful for when it’s pouring with rain is the power lock on my car. I can jump out of the car, run under the porch and click the button when I’m standing in the dry. I haven’t got to fiddle with a key and a keyhole with cold fingers while rain is pouring down on me.

What’s your favourite gadget or invention?

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