We’ve had a few foggy mornings and evenings over the last few days. It amazes me the way it can be clear one minute, and then the next time you look there’s really thick fog. The other day I had half an hour to go before leaving work, and when I looked out of the window it was quite clear and I could see right up to the end of the road. When I left work half an hour later, the fog was really thick! Where did it come from in such a short time? I was a bit concerned about the drive home, but it was just about ok. Where the road was screened with tall trees, the fog wasn’t quite so thick, but where the road was open, it was. The last time it was foggy must have been last winter, because I couldn’t rememeber where the fog lights were! I had to find a safe place to stop the car and read the handbook. I managed to find it which was just as well as the ordinary lights behave oddly in thick fog. I was driving slowly so that I was within safe limits for the visibility, but at one point I just felt I wanted some more light, so I put the main beam on. That was a mistake! The light shone on the fog particles and made it look like a solid wall in front of me. I qiuckly turned them off, and continued home slowly with dipped headlights and fog lights, and I was glad when the journey was over and I was home safely.

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