Treacherous road conditions

There was a heavy snowfall overnight last night. The car was completely covered. I scraped 4 inches of snow off it’s roof! I had to go into work early today, and left home at 8.00am. Last Monday the sideroad that I live on was very snowy and icy, but once I got on to the main roads that had been gritted they were completely clear. But not today.

There was so much snow that the salt and grit hadn’t managed to clear it. I kept to the main roads and went very slowly and gingerly. I managed the 5 mile journey without incident by being very careful, and had nearly arrived at work when I had problems. Where I work is on a road that has quite an incline, and as I turned into the road only a few yards from my destination, I realised that the car was slipping and sliding and the back wheels were whizzing round and not gripping. It was so scary! I concentrated really hard on choosing the least icy track, and I prayed hard and slowly but surely the car climbed the slope.

My relief at reaching my goal turned to panic when I saw that there was a large van blocking the entrance to the car park. Looking up the road, I could see a car heading towards me down the road, sideways! The driver had no control over his car and it was heading straight for me! I pulled as far as I could towards the van and got half the car off the road, and fortunately the driver managed to get enough control just in time to guide his car round mine! I was so thankful.

Eventually the van driver turned up. He had parked there because he was sliding down the hill and needed a safe place to stop. He was able to back in to the car park to allow me to get in, but there was too much snow and my wheels just slipped. Fortunately there were two very kind men nearby who both pushed the car from the back which gave me enough grip to get into the car park, leave the car in a safe place and turn the engine off with great relief. What a journey! I don’t want another one like that in a hurry!

I didn’t have time to stop and take photos of the lovely snow, I was too busy trying to keep safe, so this is my own tribute to the snow, a lovely glitzy snowflake – as seen on my Flickr photostream

Snowflake ribbon

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3 Responses to “Treacherous road conditions”

  1. Michael says:

    That doesn’t sound like any fun at all. 4″ of snow will slow us down here in Wisconsin, but the plows and the salt/sand trucks do a pretty good job of clearing the roads. Still, you end up with people getting stuck on hills or sliding off the road. Glad you got to where you were going safely. It’s actually going to be above freezing this weekend. Sad, really. I was looking forward to skiing and snowshoeing on my vacation next week, and now I’m hoping there is some snow left by Monday!

  2. Sarah Braithwaite says:

    Hi! Glad you made it. You were obviously in Gods’ thoughts as you were driving. You are braver that me, I haven’t been out in it at all but, we need to go to Southampton at the weekend. The snow here was 4” too, and Eric took the car into work, luckily we have a 4×4 so don’t have such horrific times. They have used all the salt and grit on the earlier snow. They decided to do just ‘main’ roads, but what are they? We all consider our roads as main as we have to use them to go to work.

    Apparently the snow is not ‘topping’ up ’til Sunday evening so at least we will be able to do the shopping and get lots of ‘comfort’ food in!

    The garden looks lovely it’s unfortunate that I cannot go out in it, as it is ready for a large snowman family. Oh well, I will just have to go and take in the beauty of it instead. I put some pictures of the pampas covered in snow and other things on my Flickr site yesterday.

  3. Emma Lagunday says:

    You are a daring and brave woman to drive in that kind or road situation, but the key is calm and take your time, drive as slow as you can. I don’t know about there in England, but here in Toronto because of the amount of snow we are getting winter after winter, our city is more prapared in situation like this, but I agree, the side roads are the treacherous ones, they are not gritted and salted right away.

    Well I hale you for getting to your destination safely and this is only February, usually the worst comes during this month but I hope there is nothing worst than that.