It’s been snowing

It’s been snowing here for most of the day. The forecasters have been promising snow for some time, but they’d got it wrong and we just had frost and ice and it was really, really cold.

But today they got it right. It started snowing at around 10.00am. I was actually looking out of the window at the time and saw the first flakes floating down. Before long it was snowing really heavily, coming straight down and getting thicker on the ground. Everywhere looked so pretty blanketed in white.

After an hour, I knew the roads would be likely to be impassable unless the gritter lorry had been out, and it probably hadn’t had time. I was due to start work at midday but before I had time to phone and see what was happening, they phoned me to say don’t come in as they’d decided to close.

That was a relief. The roads can be so treacherous when they haven’t been gritted. At around 4pm it stopped snowing for a while, so I wrapped up warm and went out for a walk with both my cameras to look for some nice snowy shots. The snow was nice to walk on as long as I was careful not to slip. It was the sort that squeaked as I trod on it. I was pleased with the photos I took, and will add one here soon.

It started again before long, and has been snowing all evening. I looked out just now to find 6 inches of snow on top of my car. Freezing has been predicted for tonight, which would make the snow very slippery. I shall go to bed now, and worry about tomorrow in the morning.

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