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I’ve found the Moon at last

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

After more than a week of cloudy, rainy skies we had a clear day with a lovely blue sky, so at last I managed to take a photo of the Moon.

I’d love to get a shot of it every day that it’s visible so that I could have a complete set of it’s different phases, but the weather often conspires against me. Hopefully over the months I can fill in the gaps to make up my collection. I know there are lots of brilliant photos available on the internet, shots taken with much better cameras than mine, but there’s something special and satisfying about taking your own photos.

Here’s one of them which I’m really pleased with. It’s not brilliant, but it’s good for a point and shoot camera. It’s a waxing, gibbous Moon 83% illuminated, 4 days away from being full. The photo was taken on the 26th January,2010 at 5.30pm.

Gibbous Moon

Photographing the Moon

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I’ve been trying to take photos of the Moon, but I’ve only seen it once since it was new just over a week ago. It’s been so cloudy and rainy that I just haven’t been able to find it, which is so frustrating!

I’d love to be able to take a photo of it every day of it’s phase that it’s visible, but the weather so often conspires against me.

So here’s a photo that I took last month when it was at the same phase as it is today – just over 10 days lunation and 75% illuminated.

It’s not a brilliant shot, but for a point and shoot camera, I’m really pleased with it. I love the craters on the terminator. This is a waxing gibbous Moon, five days away from being full.

Moon and craters

My camera’s died

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

My beloved Canon PowerShot A700 has died. I must have banged it when it was in my bag, or maybe it was when I had to do an emergency stop and the bag fell off the passenger seat onto the floor. However it happened, the screen has gone. I’m told that it’s more expensive to repair it than to buy a new camera.

I’m very upset because it’s been my constant companion for the last three and half years and has served me well. It’s not just a tool, but part of my creative process. I will really miss it. I’ve taken it everywhere with me because you never know when you’ll see something that you want to photograph.

People tell me that I should get a DSLR, but there’s no point in having a good camera sitting at home when I see something I want to take a photo of. I can’t not have a camera in my bag, so I decided I needed to buy another one. So let me introduce to you my new Canon Ixus 95IS. Yes I know it’s pink, but that was the only colour they had it in. But I do like it being pink! It’s my second favourite colour after all tones of purple.

I hate having a new camera. It doesn’t feel part of me, and I have to get used to it and learn how to use it. When you’re used to a camera you can take a shot quickly without having to think about it, but with a new one that’s different you have to work out how to do it, and if you take too long the photographic opportunity has gone! I hope it doesn’t take long for me to feel at home with this one. It feels very strange at the moment, and I’m really missing my PowerShot A700.

My camera's died

Air Show

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Air show

It was a lovely sunny afternoon on Saturday. I was in the kitchen, but I had the door open into the garden when I heard a loud engine sound that told me there was a plane coming very low. I ran out into the garden to have a look. A huge plane, well it looked huge to me, flew right over my house and garden. As I stood and watched it, I heard another one coming so I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took some shots of it.

Then I went back to what I’d been doing, but before long I heard the sound again. This time I was ready and got shots of both of them. I wondered where they were going. I knew that Kemble Air Show was on that weekend, so I had a look at the map, and although it’s quite a way away in a different county from me, it did look as though that was the direction the planes were heading.

This went on all afternoon and I got some nice shots of them. It was fun having my own personal Air Show in my back garden with the noise of the engines and the different shapes of the big planes flying so low.

Here’s one of the photos I took. Friends on Flickr have identified it as a Boeing C17 Globemaster, and sure enough when I checked the Kemble Air Show website it confirmed that my guess of where they were heading was right. “Pending Operational Commitments the RAFs largest and newest transport aircraft the Boeing C17 Globemaster, based locally at RAF Brize Norton, has been confirmed as part of the Air Show.”

Light Painting

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Photography is my hobby and my passion. I love colours and shapes and patterns, and that’s reflected in my photos. I’ve been told that I have a good eye, and I certainly know what I like and what I want to photograph. In spite of this, I don’t know anything about photography. I would love to know more, I would love to learn so that I can take even better photos, but it doesn’t seem to be very easy to find out the information I need. I’ve tried reading books, but they are too technical and don’t start at the beginning so I don’t understand them. Other photographers seem to either assume that everybody knows, or they want to keep the information to themselves! I have a good digital compact, but I only ever use it on auto. It has lots of other functions, but without an understanding of manual photography, I don’t understand how to use the camera’s manual settings.
Recently I went to a talk on shutter and aperture priority, and it was brilliant. They were explained really well, and even though it was very complicated with lots of numbers, I did grasp a bit of it. Then someone showed me how to use the TV setting on my camera. Armed with my new knowledge, I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I kept stopping the car on the way home from the talk to have a go at long exposures, and I took my first light painting! It isn’t perfect, but for a first attempt, I’m quite pleased with it. It has a certain charm. It was taken with a 15 second exposure, with me moving the camera in a circular motion taking in the street lights and the lights on my dashboard.
I’ll certainly try it again and see if I can improve, but I quite like this first try.
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