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Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Children everywhere will be getting excited waiting for Father Christmas to visit them and leave lots of presents.

My Christmas tree is looking pretty covered in multi-coloured baubles and lights and the house smells gorgeous because I’m steaming a home made Christmas pudding.

I’ve just got some presents to wrap up and then I’m ready for Christmas Day to arrive!

I’m feeling Christmassy

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

This morning I got the bus into my local town. It was very cold, so I was dressed in my long coat, 2 scarves, a furry hat, two pairs of gloves – and my Christmas bauble earrings.

I was meeting a group of people to go Carol singing. I recognised them easily as most of them were wearing Christmas hats or tinsel.

Our first venue was at the Town Hall where a trader’s Christmas market was being held. The organiser had invited us to come along. We went up onto the stage, which seemed very high up, and sang quite a few carols including some special requests. It made me feel very Christmassy.

Then it was out into the cold where we sang in the street. Then on to some old people’s bungalows which was a bit of a walk, but worth it as people came out to listen.

By the time we had finished, my feet were like blocks of ice!

I’d had a quick look round the trader’s Christmas market and had seen some handmade heat packs that you heat in the microwave. These ones were different because they were filled with cherry stones instead of wheat. They can be washed, can be frozen and stay hot longer. I decided that my feet deserved one and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Feeling Christmassy

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

I’ve started to feel Christmassy now. The lights and decorations being up don’t do it, because they’re up in time for my Birthday, and that’s what they make me think of. What’s made me feel like is a Christmas play and a flower arrangement.

The children from the local Primary School did three performances of their play, and the people of the village were invited to one of them, so I decided to go along. It was really good. Very well organised and performed. It had a Christian Christmas theme, although it wasn’t a nativity play. All sorts of things had been woven into it, including a version of X Factor! One of the acts was two young boys singing. They introduced themselves ‘I’m George, and he’s Henry, so we’re called Genry.’ I love it when topical popular things are included in something traditional, and of course they both sang a lot better than Jedward!!

Every year I’m invited to help decorate my local Church ready for Christmas. Lots of people help and we have a large flower arrangement on all the windowsills. I really enjoy doing them because I like doing things big and there’s lots of space I can use. I had some red baubles that I don’t use because I like to use purple, turquoise and silver on my Christmas Tree, so I decided to wire them and use them. I like the result. I think it’s worked well. The candles at the sides will be lit for the Christmas services..

So I’m definately feeling more like Christmas now, especially as I’ve had another couple of mince pies.

Christmas flower arrangement

Mince pies

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

I don’t really like pastry, unless it’s very light and thin and crunchy, like the pie I had on my birthday. But I do like Christmas cake and Christmas pudding and things made with mincemeat. I avoid shop bought mince pies because the pastry can be very stodgy and there’s not usually much mincemeat in them.

But I do like to have one or two mince pies during the Christmas season, as they’re a very Christmassy thing, but I choose them carefully. Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a home made one, my first one this year. I had it warm, and the pastry was lovely and light with a bit of crunch to it. The mincemeat was lovely, very Christmassy.

Now I’ve had my first mince pie of the season, it feels like Christmas. I might have one or two more before the end of the year.


Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

I love it when it snows. Everywhere looks so beautiful when snow covers the ground, the trees, fences, everywhere. But of course I don’t like it if the snow makes everything grind to a halt, making driving impossible and stopping people working or food getting to the shops. Other countries seem to have much more snow than we do here in the UK, but they cope with it far better than we do. It’s cold and frosty and icy at the moment, but we’ve only had a sprinking of snow on high ground.
As well as enjoying the beauty of a snowscape, I love the shape of snowflakes themselves. Although snowflakes have a shape that’s instantly recognisable, no two snowflakes are the same. Isn’t that amazing! I love silver jewellery and when I was browsing in a gallery of handmade silver jewellery, I saw a silver snowflake! I couldn’t resist it! I really enjoyed wearing it at Christmas, but as it’s quite delicate, I’ve now put it away. If we get snow, I’ll wear it again, but if not I’ll keep it for next Christmas. Here’s a photo of it. I think it’s beautiful.

Silver snowflake - HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

I can have breakfast again!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

At last I’ve got a new microwave oven after mine blew up! I thought it would be really easy to buy a new one, but it wasn’t. I went to several shops that I thought would sell them, and either they didn’t have any or they didn’t have the sort I wanted.

I was looking for one with a knob to turn to set the time. I don’t like the ones that go beep.. beep……beep………beep…beep……beep…. I find them really irritating. Like someone sending a text message without turning off their keypad tones!

Now I’ll be able to eat again. Since I haven’t had a microwave, I’ve burnt three saucepans, even though I was trying not to use the cooker for exactly that reason. I’m concerned that I’ll put something on the cooker, forget about it and at best burn the saucepan or at worst burn the house down.

I’ll be able to have hot milk before I go to bed, warm my cup of tea up when I forget about it and I’ll even be able to cook the Christmas pudding tomorrow! I’ll also be able to have breakfast again. I like to have porridge in the winter. It’s a slow release carbohydrate so that it’s supposed to keep me going until lunchtime so that I’m not tempted to snack in between. I really missed having a microwave oven.

Summer, Autumn and Winter colours

Friday, October 31st, 2008

I don’t like it when summer comes to and end and it starts to get cold. When August turns to September, I have to be careful to keep myself busy and to do creative things, such as my photography, card making and knitting. I have learned from experience that if I don’t do that, I can get very down.

I love the colours of summer with it’s blue skies and brightly coloured flowers, and everything looking better with the sun shining on it. It seems to give everyone a lift if it’s sunny. I can feel quite sad when I know that the summer is slipping away, and there’s no more opportunity to go to a sunny seaside with it’s gorgeous yellow ochre sand and lovely turquoise sea and beautiful blue sky – colours that all looks so amazing together. A short holiday by the sea can really refresh and renew me.

By October it has got colder and darker in the evenings, but bright Christmas colours are starting to appear in the shops. When the clocks go back and it’s dark by 6.00pm and there are red and gold and sparkly Christmas things in the shops, then I start to feel better because that’s the signal that it won’t be long until my Birthday! I still get that feeling of excitement about my birthday that I did when I was young even if it may not be celebrated so much now as it was then. Only three and a half weeks to go!