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Unseasonable weather

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

We’ve just had the most amazing hot summer weather – at the end of March!

People got out their T shirts, shorts and sunglasses. But it’s also meant that we’ve had clear night skies. I think this month is the first time I have even seen the Moon in it’s new phase on the first day that it’s visible as well as for the next few nights. I love seeing it when it’s a tiny thin sliver that’s not even a crescent and then watching it gradually grow.

Crescent Moon with craters

Crescent Moon

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Crescent Moon

I like watching the Moon. I meant to go out around lunchtime today to see if I could see it and forgot. It was tea time when I remembered. I opened the front door, and there it was! I didn’t even have to look for it.

I have a challenge with a friend to see who can see it first each month when it becomes visible a couple of days after the New Moon. As soon as I saw it, I sent him an email. I thought I had ‘won’ this time as I hadn’t heard from him that he’d seen it.

His reply pointed me to his blog where he has added a new page called ‘Moonspotting’. There he had logged seeing it nearly two hours before me!! Nevermind, I might win next month!

Venus and the Moon

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

For some time now it’s been possible to see Venus shining brightly in the evening sky with the naked eye. It looks larger and brighter than I’ve ever noticed before. That’s because it’s higher in the sky than it usually is, so we’re not looking at it through the Earth’s atmosphere like we do when it’s lower in the sky. It’s also at a point in it’s orbit when it’s closer to the Earth.

Today I got the chance to see it through a telescope. Normally it looks like a bright blob, but through the telescope, it was amazing – I could see it’s crescent shape. A lovely bright slim shining smile hanging in the sky, at 16% phase. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was so beautiful.

I was also able to see the Moon through the telescope. It was stunning. It’s reached it’s first quarter today so it looks like a ball that’s been chopped in half down the middle. At 30 times magnification, the craters were incredible. The Moon looked so large and so near you wouldn’t believe that it’s around 250,000 miles away. Now all I need is my own telescope so I can look whenever there are clear skies!