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Finding my way round

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know that it’s been missing since the beginning of February.

Someone had managed to hack into it and do several nasty things to it. They had hijacked it, so that any visitors would be transferred to a Chinese website of a dubious nature.

When I tried to look at it, and was sent to the Chinese website, virus warnings started flashing up on my screen and going crazy. They told me that spyware was running in the background and could take my personal information. I turned the computer off quickly, and had to have it taken away to be cleaned up.

A friend was able to sort out my blog for me by finding what had been added and getting rid of it. He’s now upgraded the version of Wordpress that I’m using as the newer version will be more secure and less likely to be hacked into again. Thank you for all the time and effort you spent investigating and mending my blog and upgrading it. I’m glad you know so much more about these sort of things than I do!

It’s lovely to be able to post again, I really missed it. I am having a bit of difficulty finding my way round though! The new, upgraded dashboard is completely different from the one I’m used to and have been using since October 2008. It’s quite disorientating when you’re very used to something you use often and suddenly it’s gone, and something unfamiliar is there in it’s place. You have to work at doing something you’ve been used to doing without thinking. Perhaps I’ll get used to it quickly. I don’t really have any other option, do I?!