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A sad goodbye

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

A while ago, I wrote about my favourite radio programme. It’s on from 9.00am until midday, so it’s the show that I listen to while I’m at home in the morning before I go to work.

The presenter is very funny and quick witted and I really enjoy his banter. But he’s leaving and moving on to another job in another area. It’s his last show today. I’m going to miss it. I’ll also miss emailing him comments and answers to questions that he reads out with such humour.

Change is hard, even small changes. It will take me a while to get used to a new presenter with a different style, but that’s what life’s like. Nothing stays the same. There are always changes and we have to get used to them and move on. We can’t live in the past with memories that have long gone, we must embrace the future with all it’s discomforting changes, and be flexible enough to change with it.

Local radio

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

When I’m in the kitchen, I listen to a local radio station. I like the mixture of good music and interesting banter. My favourite presenter is on in the morning. He discusses all sorts of subjects and invites listeners to send in their comments to join in the debate. I often think that I have something interesting to add, or I know some information that he’s asking for.

At first I used to phone in, but although they thanked me very politely for my contribution, that was the last I heard of it. So next I tried texting, but again, I never heard my comment on the radio.

Then I discovered that I could send my comments in by email. Success at last! Every time I’ve sent an email, within a few minutes I hear it being read out on air! It’s quite exciting sitting at my kitchen table typing my thoughts, and then a few minutes later hearing them coming out of my radio!

The presenter is very thoughtful and knowledgeable and has stong opinions about what he thinks and believes, but is always very fair about reading out opposing comments. I love the way he reads out contributions – especially when they’re mine! He puts so much emphasis into it that they come over really well.

Today’s subject was cats and had got a bit heated. He was just saying that cat owners should keep their cats in their own gardens and not let them foul and damage other people’s gardens. I so agree with that, which is why I wanted to add my comments. Unfortunately he was being accused of encouraging people to treat cats badly, which he wasn’t doing at all, and he said so very eloquently.

This was my comment that I sent in…..

I like cats and if anyone wants to keep them that’s fine. But please would they keep them out of my garden.
They sit in it and sunbathe as if they own it, which means that I never get any birds coming into it that I can enjoy watching.
And of course the cats always leave those little presents that I don’t want. Why don’t their owners train them to use their own gardens?
A few weeks ago I planted some little bean plants and was looking forward to fresh organic runner beans to eat.
But my little plants didn’t survive. Every night a cat dug up the plot and used it as a toilet. I’m very upset about losing my beans.
The cat’s owner does not have the right to let their pet destroy my garden.
Keep the cat, but keep it at home. Let it destroy the owner’s garden instead of mine.
Although is was the slugs that caused the final demise of the beans, I do wonder that if they hadn’t been so disrupted by the cat, they might have been strong enough and tall enough to survive the onslaught of the slugs.