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Computing in the library part two

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Well the IT men came, and I showed them what the problem was. There was a message on the screen to say that the current system they were using couldn’t support Flickr. So they decided they needed to upgrade the two computers that my friend and I were using to Internet Explorer 8. One of them did say that he thought they’d already been upgraded, and showed surprise that they hadn’t, but they still didn’t do the others, only the two we were using!

That took about half an hour, but it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference! One of my Flickr contacts made a comment on yesterday’s post saying that it’s probably the library’s filtering software. I’ve reported that to them, but they don’t seem to be very interested!

They tell me that they only have people use their computers for checking emails or looking into their family history. Apparently I’m the first person who has ever wanted to look at Flickr on their computers!

And it looks as though I’ll be the last too!

Computing in the library

Monday, September 6th, 2010

I’m not at home at the moment, so I went to the library to catch up on Flickr, to see if anyone has made any comments on my photots and to have a look at and make comments on the photos that my Flickr friends have added to their photostreams.

I remembered my user name and my password and got myself logged in and up came my stream on the screen. It looked a bit odd, and I was wondering what was wrong with it when I realised that there were no photos showing. Now that’s a bit of a problem for a photo sharing website, isn’t it!

The library staff put me on another computer, and then another one, but still no photos! Now they’ve sent for an IT expert!

I hope they can sort it out. I get withdrawal symptoms if I have to spend too long away from Flickr!

If you’d like to see my Flickr photostream, click on Katie-Rose’s photostream on the right by the photos. I hope you’ll be able to see them!

Moon shots

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Full Moon

As anyone who follows my blog or my Flickr photostream will know, one of the things I love to take photos of is the Moon. I love studying it, and looking at it through binoculars, but that’s fleeting. If I take a photo of it, I’ve got a record I can go back to.

My ambition is to take a shot of the Moon on each day of it’s visible phases, and then make a mosaic of them. It’s a while since I started to do it, but our cloudy English weather has made it frustratingly difficult to do.

But during April, May and June so far, we’ve had some lovely sunny weather which has given us clear skies and I’ve managed to take shots of the Moon on quite a few days, some of them being phases that I’ve never managed to get before.

So I’m getting quite excited! The good weather has been forecast to continue, so I may achieve my goal before too long!

The photo at the top is of the last Full Moon taken at 10.30pm on 27th May, and the one below was taken at 8.30am this morning when the waning Moon is 66% illuminated, one day away from being at it’s 3rd Quarter.

Morning Moon

Celebrating my Birthday

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Birthday celebrations

I had a lovely day on my Birthday a couple of days ago.

A friend took my out for lunch at a local hotel, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been to that hotel before for a drink, but I’ve never had a meal there before. I had to work in the morning so it was about 2.15pm when we got there, and they had really stopped serving. But they checked with the kitchen and said they would serve us. We sat in the bar which we had all to ourselves except for the friendly barman and a resident who came in to chat with us. I had Steak and Ale Pie with new potatoes and peas. It was gorgeous! The hotel is high up and we sat by a window where we had amazing views across the valley.

When we’d finished eating, we wandered round the town taking photos. My friend, Jenny, is a photographer too and it was wonderful to be with someone who takes as many photos as I do! For as long as I can remember, Christmas decorations have always appeared in shop windows and in towns in time to celebrate my birthday, and this year it was no different. The men in fluorescent jackets were actually putting up the lights on the big tree as we went past. I always like the glizt and sparkle of Christmassy things, because it’s as though they’ve been put up just for me to celebrate my birthday!!

Before work, another friend took me out for cake and coffee in a lovely little cafe at the back of a gift shop. The shop was full of glitzy Chrismassy things, and I enjoyed browsing as we wandered through, enjoying the sparkle and opulence of things that are fun to look at, but completely unnecessary to life! It was lovely to relax and catch up with my friend while I enjoyed good coffee and coffee and walnut cake. Mary was bemused when I started taking photos of the coffee and cake! I explained to her that I was doing a photo diary of my Birthday. She was ok with that as long as I didn’t take any photos of her!

When I got to work, I was just in time for a meeting. There were about 8 of us there, and when the meeting ended, they all sang Happy Birthday to me, which was lovely!!

I spent the evening with my friends Mary and David. Mary had made the most gorgeous birthday cake for me! It was a fat free swiss roll covered in strawberries, and filled with strawberry yogourt. It was the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted!! Thank you Mary! I did take some photos of it, but they didn’t come out very well.

I had posted a ‘Happy Birthday’ photo on my Flickr photostream, and I had so many good wishes from Flickr friends!

So I had a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who helped to make it so special!

Air Show

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Air show

It was a lovely sunny afternoon on Saturday. I was in the kitchen, but I had the door open into the garden when I heard a loud engine sound that told me there was a plane coming very low. I ran out into the garden to have a look. A huge plane, well it looked huge to me, flew right over my house and garden. As I stood and watched it, I heard another one coming so I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took some shots of it.

Then I went back to what I’d been doing, but before long I heard the sound again. This time I was ready and got shots of both of them. I wondered where they were going. I knew that Kemble Air Show was on that weekend, so I had a look at the map, and although it’s quite a way away in a different county from me, it did look as though that was the direction the planes were heading.

This went on all afternoon and I got some nice shots of them. It was fun having my own personal Air Show in my back garden with the noise of the engines and the different shapes of the big planes flying so low.

Here’s one of the photos I took. Friends on Flickr have identified it as a Boeing C17 Globemaster, and sure enough when I checked the Kemble Air Show website it confirmed that my guess of where they were heading was right. “Pending Operational Commitments the RAFs largest and newest transport aircraft the Boeing C17 Globemaster, based locally at RAF Brize Norton, has been confirmed as part of the Air Show.”

Nothing ever stays the same

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I always think that things I know will never change, but they do, and it’s a bit disconcerting. Places, people and things grow old, decay, get damaged and get altered. A place that I love and know stays forever the same in my mind, so if I see it again after a long time and find that it no longer looks like my cherished memory, it’s a real shock.

The house I grew up in looked out onto some hills and there was a prominent rock stack visible. It had a very particular shape that I came to love and know, and I would stand and gaze at it every day. Even though it was some way away I could see it clearly.

I loved it when we went for a walk on the hills and climbed up to the place where we could stand just a few feet away from the familiar shape and I could gaze and marvel at it. It looked so big and strong. My love of shapes and patterns and textures that is seen in my Flickr photostream has been with me for as long as I can remember.

A while ago the camera club I belong to had a visiting speaker who showed us his photos of the county I grew up in. I was really enjoying seeing familiar places that I love and know full size up on the screen. Suddenly I got such a shock! There in front of my eyes was my beloved rock stack thin and emaciated, it’s familiar shape completely gone. I was stunned. I just couldn’t believe it, How could it have eroded away like that. It looked old and wizened as if it was dying, my familiar childhood friend replaced by this imposter. It had looked so permanent to me as a child that I thought it would be there forever. How wrong I was.

I got another shock yesterday. This is one of my highest viewed photos on Flickr. I love the patterns and textures in it, and I took this photo because I had never before seen old tyres so beautifully stacked as if they had been woven together. It really inspired me.

Used tyres

Yesterday I was visiting a friend who lives near to where I took this photo, so I decided to go and have a look.
Of course it had gone – completely! The beautifully woven stack was just an empty yard with some ordinary messy piles of tyres behind it. Why ever did I think it would still be there? But in my mind it was. I’ve never before or since seen a stack of old tyres so beautifully arranged. I’m so glad that I got this shot of them while they were there.

My fastest photo yet!

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

I love using the photo sharing website Flickr. I can enjoy other people’s photos from all around the world, and it’s good to have people comment on my photos. It’s nice to find that there are people who like my work and enjoy my style of photography. I added the latest photo to my photostream yesterday, and for the first time ever, it hit 100+ views in under 24 hours! It’s a photo of a purple clematis, a beautiful flower in my favourite colour! I thought my photostream had got a bit wintery looking so I decided to give a shot of summer colour. Here it is for you to see. If you click on it, you’ll go straight to my Flickr photostream.

Purple clematis

Happy New Year 2009

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone!
It’s still cold today, but all the fog and frost and ice have gone, so it’s not so pretty to photograph. I stayed up to welcome the New Year in and to hear the ‘bongs’ from Big Ben on the television, and watch the fireworks from the London Eye. Some fireworks went off here at about 7.00pm.

I went out to try and see them, but by the time I’d put on some shoes and a coat and unlocked the door, they’d finished! How frustrating that was. Just after midnight there were some more fireworks. I couldn’t see them, but they were so close and so loud, they sounded like bombs going off and they even rattled the windows. They were quite frightening. They seem to get bigger and louder every year.

I’ve really enjoyed the six months or so that I’ve been using the photo sharing website Flickr. I love seeing other people’s photos which I find very inspiring, and it’s good to have other people enjoy seeing mine and make comments on them. I enjoy seeing photos from all around the world. I can see places that I’m never likely to visit, and I can see what the weather is like in other countries, like the deep snow they’ve been having in Canada and America lately and the lovely sunshine they’re having in Australia and New Zealand. And I’ve loved chatting to people all over the world via comments and Flickrmail. I’ve made quite a few friends that way.

Every day Flickr choose their top 500 photos out of the several million that are uploaded. They make the choice by what that call interestingness. They call this group Explore. I’ve been lucky enough to have had 19 of my photos go into Explore in the last six months.

This is a poster of my Explore entries which was created by Scout, one of fd’s Flickr Toys. All the photos as well as the poster are in my photostream on Flickr.

Explored 2008

Like Warhol

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

One of the many things I like about the photo sharing website Flickr is ‘Flickr toys’. These are scripts etc that other Flickr users have written that can be used to create special effects on photos. One of the most prolific inventors of Flickr toys is fd. I’ve already used his Mosaic Maker on Flower Mosaic and Abstract Art and now I’ve just tried his Warholizer. It mimics Andy Warhol’s famous Pop Art silk screened multi coloured repetitions such as the one he did of Marilyn Munroe. Once the images have been created, I can keep changing the colours until I find something that I’m happy with. These are two of the first ones I’ve made, and I’m very pleased with them. I must try printing them out as I think they would be good to use on my Katie-Rose hand crafted cards.

Sea, Sun and Snow

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m living in the wrong place.
I love the sea and being at the seaside, but I live miles away from it.
But as well as living in the wrong part of this country, I think I’m even in the wrong country!
When I look through other people’s photos on Flickr, the ones that I really like and mark as favourites, are the ones with deep blue skies, and pretty coloured buildings. Here in England, our skies are pale blue or grey, and the buildings are stone or brick. Not so bright or happy looking. But there isn’t much I can do about it, as my house, my job and my family are all here, so this is the right place for me to be.
I did manage to have a few sunny days at the seaside earlier this year, but wasn’t able to go again later in the summer because of the awful weather. Perhaps next year I’ll be able to enjoy walking along the beach and listening to the waves.
Our climate and weather does have some advantages though – this evening when I came out of work it was snowing! Lovely fluffy white snowflakes falling thick and fast. It didn’t settle as the ground was too wet, but it is expected to become colder, so if it carries on snowing, I could wake up to a beautiful white world in the morning.

Chesil Beach in Dorset

Chesil Beach in Dorset