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Private phonecalls

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

When you phone someone, do you expect your phonecall to be private?

I do. When I’m talking to a friend on the phone, I’m talking as though it was just me and that friend on our own in a room. I might want to say personal or private things that I wouldn’t want to say in the middle of a crowded room.

I’ve discovered that this isn’t always the case. There are two people that I regularly talk to on the phone who take my call on speakerphone without warning me that this is what they’re doing. I was horrified when I found out. I wondered what I had previously said that was private, and who had heard it! I couldn’t believe that had happened without the courtesy of a warning.

I only found out because I happened to be with both those people while they were on the phone to someone else.

I was at my friend’s house when another friend phoned her. It was awful! I could hear everything the lady on the phone was saying, and I could tell from the way she was speaking that she thought that her conversation was private. It was excruciatingly embarrassing.

I tried to talk to my friend about the problem and say that she needed to warn people if their conversation isn’t private, but she just said that she can hear better if the phone is on speakerphone and didn’t seem to understand my point of view at all.

I don’t know what to do about it. I’ll never remember that I need to check if anyone’s listening before I talk to her. I could email her instead, but like many married ladies, she doesn’t have an email address of her own but uses her husband’s. So anything I email her, he can read as well.

Am I a bit strange, or would having a private conversation overheard make anyone uncomfortable?

Blackberrying adventures

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I’d like to make some blackberry wine, so I went to a lane near where I live to pick some only to find there weren’t any. I’m not sure if I was too early, too late or if someone else had got there first.

When I told my friend Jenny about it, she offered to take me somewhere she knew where she thought there would be lots of them. It was a lovely walk through fields and over stiles in beautiful countryside, and eventually we got to the blackberry bushes. But they weren’t much better! I was expecting big juicy blackberries that I could pick lots of in a short time. There were some, but not many and they were small and hard. I decided not to pick any as I thought they wouldn’t be sweet enough for making wine.

Jenny picked enough to make a blackberry pie. That didn’t take long and we were soon retracing our steps through fields and over stiles. We just had one more field to cross before we reached the lane where the car was parked, when a large chestnut horse came trotting out of a shed and headed straight for us. He wasn’t there when we went the other way.

I was getting anxious because he was so big and was coming at us so fast. I moved over and stood by the hedge hoping he’d ignore me, but he didn’t. His head was taller than me and I found him quite intimidating. I knew I had to try and keep calm and not panic. I stroked his nose and talked to him, then I decided I needed to make a move. I walked past him steadily but not too quickly, and started heading across the field to the stile.

I hoped he would let me go and trot back to his shed, but he didn’t. He followed me, and I could feel the weight of his head on the rucksack I was wearing as he nibbled at it. I slipped it off one shoulder and swung it round so that I could hold it in my arms as I continued to head for the stile.

Still he didn’t leave me. As I walked, his nose was against my back. At this point Jenny decided she’d better do something, and she gave him her bucket of blackberries. That kept him occupied for a few minutes which gave us both time to get over the stile to safety. I was so relieved to reach the lane.

Thank you Jenny for giving up your blackeberry pie to save me from a very scary situation.

A slice of porridge

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I often have a bowl of porridge for breakfast. It’s quick and easy to cook in the microwave, it’s good for me and it’s warming and comforting to eat especially when the weather is cold like it has been this winter.

This morning, I didn’t have a lot of milk so I used a bit less than usual, but I knew that would be alright if I didn’t leave it too long before eating it. I also decided to use a different bowl from the one I usually use. It’s wider and shallower.

I gave it it’s usual 2 minutes in the microwave, and left it for a couple of minutes before it would be ready and cool enough to eat.

Then the phone rang. It was my friend Annie phoning to discuss the cardmaking workshop we were running in the afternoon. Amidst thoughts of designs and papers and what equipment we needed, all thoughts of porridge went out of my head.

By the time we had sorted everything out, I must have been on the phone for quite a while. When I got back to the microwave and opened the door, a flat, solid circle of rubbery porridge greeted me. Oh dear! I hate porridge like that, but I needed some breakfast, couldn’t spare any more milk and so I told myself I had to eat it!

I had the bright idea of mashing up a banana to mix in with it to make it more moist and soft. It was a good idea, but completely unsuccessful! That porridge was so solid and rubbery that nothing could have been mixed in with it. So I ended up cutting each spoonful of porridge and adding some mashed banana to it. I managed to eat it, but I can’t say I enjoyed it!

So what did I learn? That the wide shallow dish probably isn’t a good idea for porridge. Using less milk than usual is only ok if I eat it quickly after cooking it, and if the phone rings as it’s cooking, I should answer it on the cordless phone and eat it while I’m talking!

Oh well, they say it’s good to learn something new everyday, and that’s quite a few things I’ve learnt today!

Meeting a friend

Monday, March 16th, 2009

What a lovely day it’s been today. I had the day off and met my friend for lunch. We live about 20 miles apart, and we meet up in a town halfway. I had a ten mile drive to get there and it was glorious. The sun was shining and it was very warm. There were daffodils everywhere, and trees full of blossom, some white and some pink. I drove through pretty little villages and open countryside with lovely scenery.

I’ve known my friend for a long time, since we first started school together. I love chatting to her because she knows and understands me and she was there in my childhood. There are lots of things we can remember together, and sometimes she will remind me of something that I’ve forgotten, and she’ll even tell me things from my childhood that I didn’t know! Things that she had noticed herself. What a blessing to have a friend like that. She’s very wise and it’s a joy to chat to her. She gives me very good advice that I try to follow because I know she’s right. I will look forward to our next meeting.

I hope that the lovely sunny Spring weather is here to stay. The world is so much brighter when it’s warm and sunny.

Beautiful frosty morning

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I went out early this morning, because I had an appointment at the Hospital. It had been a cold, clear night and it was frosty and icy. My friend Sarah drove me to the Hospital as I was having an injection in my hand and wouldn’t be able to drive myself home. Being a passenger for a change I was able to enjoy the beautiful countryside, and especially the way the sun was shining on the frost making it glisten and sparkle. There was a beautiful blue sky, which is quite unusual at this time of year. It really was a lovely day. We arrived at the Hospital in plenty of time, so we had a cup of coffee, and by the time we had finished, it was time for my appointment. As soon as we got to the clinic, I was called straight away, and within a few minutes had the injection and was ready to go! My hand is still painful and sore from the injection, but it’ll soon be better, and I hope it will have sorted out the problem. It was lovely going with Sarah. With her company, and the cup of coffee and a chat, I didn’t have time to get nervous. It was so much better than the stress of getting myself there. Thank you Sarah.