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Persistance pays off

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

For quite a while I’ve been entering a daily competition on a particular website. I do it at some time during the day when I open all the other sites, forums etc that I look at daily.

In the run up to Christmas, they also have an Advent calendar competition which is fun. There are some shelves filled with presents, and each day the right one is sparkling with stars. You log in, click on the beautifully wrapped gift, and then the ribbon undoes itself, the paper unwraps and there it is – empty! They say, ‘Sorry you haven’t won. Try again tomorrow’

But today was different! When the present unwrapped itself, there was something inside – I’d won!!

How exciting! An early Christmas present! I’ve won a selection of Belvoir fruit cordials. They sound delicious! I like cordials, especially in the summer. They’re lovely and refreshing. I’d noticed these before and thought how nice they looked but have never seen any in the shops. Now I’ll be able to try them!