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Shopping strategy

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

My favourite supermarket, the one I visit most often, has recently started giving me vouchers.

Whatever I buy, when my receipt churns out of the till, it’s joined by a £2 off voucher. I have to spend £20 in one go and it has to be used within a week.

£20 is quite a lot to spend in one go when I’m trying to watch what I spend, and it would be tempting to make up the £20 with things I’d like but don’t need.

Like most supermarkets, this one has regular special offers that change every week or two. So my new shopping strategy is to visit the shop once a week within the date of the voucher, remember to take some Bags For Life and park the car as near as I can, then I go round the shop looking at all the Buy One Get One Free, Buy One Get One Half Price, Half Price and other offers.

This way I can make up the £20 without too much difficulty, and I’m not only getting most things at offer prices, but an extra 10% as well.

I usually allow myself one treat. This week it was a punnet of grapes that had been £4 and were half price. Still a bit expensive, but I love eating them with a bit of cheese and some water biscuits.

I’m pleased with my new shopping method. All I need now is for the supermarket to carry on giving me a £2 off voucher every time I go to the till!

There are advantages to being ill …….

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

…… but not many of them. I discovered one of them yesterday though. I’ve been ill since the end of July, when I developed a chest infection and viral illness at the same time. Unfortunately after all this time, I’m still not better and the doctor has told me that I’ve got Post Viral Fatigue. He says it could last for weeks, or months or years! I don’t want to be ill for that long. I feel fine when I’m sitting here, but as soon as I get up and try to do something physical I get absolutely exhausted.

When I was really ill for all of August, I could hardly do anything. I knew it was important to eat properly to help me get better, so that’s what I concentrated my very limited energy on. I tried to eat good nourishing food, probably better than I do usually when I’m busy and rushing around. (yes, I can just about remember being like that!)

When I had recovered enough to go back to work after being off for five and a half weeks, my new hours had started. Funny how things work out isn’t it. I’m working every other day now, which gives me a day to rest and recover in between. As soon as I started working again, people said to me ‘You’ve lost weight’ Well that’s good news. I wanted to lose a bit of weight, but not in such a drastic way by being so ill!

I’ve been wearing black to work ever since I had that meeting in July. I couldn’t wear colour as I was in mourning for the loss of the hours but especially for the loss of the creative part of my job that I’m not expected to do any more. Yesterday for the first time I decided that I was ready to wear some colour. I chose a long turquoise skirt and turquoise top, but I did team it with a black cardigan because I didn’t have a colour to go with the skirt.

I had a bit of time to look at the shops before work, and wanted to try and find a brown cardigan – so I could move on from black! There wasn’t one in the shop I like, but I did see the skirt that I’d had my eye on all summer. I was hoping that it would be in the sale by now but it wasn’t.

I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly and looked really nice, so I decided to buy it. I also decided to wear it, because as I’d been walking round looking at the shops, my turquoise skirt kept slipping down and I had to keep pulling it up. It was in danger of slipping off altogether, which as well as causing me acute embarrasment, could have tripped me up and caused an injury, especially if I was on the stairs at the time. It definately wasn’t safe to wear it to work.

It was only 3 weeks since I’d last worn that skirt, so I certainly have lost some weight. I’m happy with that, and I hope that I can manage not to put it back on again when I’m better, which I hope will be very soon!

ISS and the Space Shuttle Discovery

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I went outside this evening hoping to see the ISS going over with the Space Shuttle Discovery docked to it. The sky looked a dark velvety blue and I couldn’t see any stars, which wasn’t a good sign. As I looked up, rain fell into my face. That meant no ISS tonight as it would be too cloudy. I was disappointed. I always find it exciting to watch the International Space Station gliding across the sky, but when it has a Space Shuttle docked to it, it’s even more exciting. I’m never likely to go to America to see the Space Shuttle, but when it’s docked to the ISS, it can come to me!

But I did see them both yesterday. They were visible a bit earlier in the evening while the sky was still light blue. I’d just done some shopping and had arrived back at my car in the supermarket car park when it was time to look for them. I was in the perfect position. In a large car park high up, with an open sky and no trees or other obstacles in the way. I didn’t have long to wait. Soon this lovely bright object was moving smoothly across the sky. It looked much bigger than usual as it always does when a Space Shuttle is attached to it. I could even see a rectangular shape jutting out from it. I wonder if that was the solar wings that Discovery had taken up and that had just been fitted, the last ones after more than a decade of construction of the International Space Station.

I’d love to see them again tomorrow, my last chance just before Discovery undocks and begins it’s journey back to Earth, but I’ll be working at the Theatre and will miss it. So I’m glad I saw them yesterday. To me it’s history in the making, an amazing acheivement. But no-one takes any notice. As the two amazing pieces of technology travelled overhead together, people were walking across the car park with their trollies full of shopping, not even looking up and seeing what was above them. What a strange world we live in.