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When everything comes to a standstill

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

A winter scene

It’s just over a week now since we had a heavy fall of snow.

The local Council does a good of job keeping the main roads clear with it’s gritting lorries, but I live in a cul-de-sac which ends up like a skating rink with compacted snow on it and not enough traffic to clear it.

My car was hiding under a coat of about six inches of snow, so I’ve stayed in for most of the week. I haven’t needed to go out anyway because most of the things I usually do were cancelled due to the weather.

It’s been quite nice having a break, and the snow makes the countryside look so pretty, but it’s very cold. I think I’ve had enough of it now and will be glad when the snow finally melts and the temperature improves and things get back to normal.

It’s cold!

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

It’s been really cold for the past few days. We’ve had ice and frosts and yesterday when I looked out, my world was covered in snow. Most of it had gone by the afternoon when the sun had been shining on it, but more is forecast.

It must be colder than it usually is as I’m having trouble keeping the house warm. I’ve enlisted the help of an extra duvet, a thick jumper and a scarf!

It’s the sort of weather that makes you want a lovely steaming hot casserole, but it’s too cold in the kitchen to prepare it!!


Monday, March 15th, 2010

I love snowdrops. They’re a sign of hope and new life and the promise of Spring after the Winter, which this year has been long and cold and very snowy! I love the way they peep through the snow even when it’s quite deep. Their persistence and determination to reach up and out of their snowy bed into the light is quite profound. That’s what we sometimes need to do if life has got difficult and is holding us down. Like the snowdrop, we need to focus on our goal and aim for it with all our strength and determination.

Here’s one of my snowdrop photos. They’re so delicate and beautiful, and I hope they’ll encourage anyone who needs a bit of help and strength to dig themselves out of a difficult place into the light and the sunshine.

Snowdrops in the rain

Full Moon at perigee

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

At last yesterday I managed to get a reasonable shot of the Moon when it was (nearly) full! It was very cold outside and there was frozen snow on my car, which had taken a lot of scraping off. So I could only stay out for a few minutes at a time before coming in to warm up and then go out and have another go.

The photo below was taken at 7.30pm, 10 hours or so before the actual moment of the Moon being completely full. But of course I won’t see that from here. It won’t rise until around 6.00pm tonight, so if it’s clear, it will be at least 12 hours past full when I see it again.

The prominent crater Tycho shows up quite well. Tycho is a lunar impact crater in the southern lunar highlands which was named after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. It’s about 85 kilometers across, and has rays of impact material radiating from it. To see where Tycho is, click on the photo which will take you to my Flickr photostream where I’ve added a note to show where Tycho is. Hold your cursor over the Moon to see it.

I hope to be able to get another shot of the Moon tonight, because today it’s at perigee. This is the nearest point of the Moon’s elliptical orbit in it’s cycle, and today it will be the nearest to us this year, apart from October. It’s distance away is around 359700 km or 223510 miles.

The furthest point of the Moon’s elliptical orbit in each cycle is called the apogee. The more extreme perigees and apogees often occur around January.

Apparently January’s full Moon is called the Wolf Moon which comes from the hungry wolf packs that would howl outside the villages of Native Americans in the coldness of January.

The forecast for tonight is clear skies and very cold, so hopefully I will be able to add another day to my collection of shots of the Moon on every day of it’s visible phases.

Full Moon at perigee

Stone cold face

Friday, January 29th, 2010

The other day, I went out for a walk to look for some photos to take. I wanted to see if I could find some snowdrops. I love snowdrops, not just because they’re so beautiful, but because they’re a sign that winter will soon be over and Spring is on it’s way!

When it was very snowy I had wandered into the local churchyard because I could see a stone angel that I wanted to photograph. She was nice, but not brilliant because close up there wasn’t much detail or definition in her face. So I had wandered further into the churchyard, which I’d never done before, and I found a beautiful full length statue of a lady leaning against a cross. I took lots of photos of her face until my fingers got so cold I couldn’t take any more.

I wanted to go back again on my walk and take some more shots of her, but would you believe it, after a twenty minute walk, just as I got there, it started raining! So it was camera back in the bag and no photos!

Here’s one of the shots I’d taken previously. I think she’s beautiful. I want to go back and see what her age is, as the base was covered in snow when I first found her. As well as the beauty of her carved face, I love the way that weathering has gently coloured her and given her a bloom to her cheek.

Stone cold

Bread pudding

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I think I’m addicted to bread pudding. It all started in the snow. I hadn’t been able to get into my local town to get any shopping and I was running out of food. I had some very dry, but not mouldy, fruit bread and some semi-skimmed milk that I’d got from the local shop. I don’t like drinking semi-skimmed, it’s much too creamy for me, but as it was all I had, I needed to do something with it.

Stale bread? Milk? Yes I had an egg, I could make bread pudding! So I did, and it was gorgeous! I’d added some more dried fruit and some mixed spice and also cooked a meal and a baked potato while I had the oven on.

I wasn’t in the habit of using the oven because when I worked until 6.00pm, it was far too late to cook something in the oven when I got home. Now I work until 4.00pm, there’s plenty of time to get a meal ready for the oven and mix up a bread pudding to pop in with it.

I’ve tried several different flavours. Chocolate is my favourite. The latest one I made was Ovaltine flavoured and it’s really nice! To look at, it looks as though it could be a heavy old fashioned pudding, but it’s not. It’s light and delicious! I want to try a marmalade flavoured one by spreading the bread with marmalade. Then there’s dates, prunes, oranges, banana, toffee……..

I was always throwing bread away because I don’t eat much of it, but now I don’t need to throw any away – I can use it all up making lovely, tasty, low fat bread puddings.

Let me know if you’d like the recipe.

The thaw that came and went

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

At last the snow we had struggled with was chased away by heavy rain and warmer temperatures. I could get my car out, and for two days, I drove to work on clear roads!

It’s looking really pretty again today, as it’s been snowing overnight, just as the weather people predicted. There are reports of closed schools and closed roads on the local radio. I’d like to take a day’s holiday and stay in the warm and off the roads today, but I can’t as I have a deadline to meet at work.

So I’ll put my boots and other snow requirements in the car and head out carefully. It’s nowhere near as deep as it was a couple of weeks ago, but apparently it’s a different type of snow that is more icy and slippery than the lovely powdery stuff we had before.

I don’t like the travel difficulties that the snow produces, but I do love the way the countryside looks. Here’s one of my snowy shots…..

Winter garden

It’s beginning to thaw

Friday, January 15th, 2010

At last it’s got a bit warmer. It was a few degrees above freezing this afternoon, and it’s started to thaw. For the first time in over two weeks, I can see a bit of the road I live on. The two ruts in the single track that cars have made in the snow have melted and I can see the road.

My car has been snowed into the drive for over a week. I hadn’t attempt to dig it out as I didn’t want to drive on the 4 inches of compacted snow that covered my road. There’s been a foot of snow in between the car and the road, so this morning when it was quite soft and beginning to thaw, I moved some of it by pushing it aside with my foot when I was wearing wellies. That worked quite well. I’ll have another look at in the morning and see if I can get it cleared so that I can get the car out of the drive.

More snow

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The snow had just started to think about melting yesterday. It was falling off the trees, and the roads were clearer, but there was still lots of snow on the pavements.

But now it’s back! It started snowing yesterday evening. It was very fine, not great big fluffy flakes like last time, so I didn’t think it would do much, but it did. This morning there was another 5 or 6 inches of snow on my car, and lots at the side of the road. My road has been reduced to one lane where there’s deep snow at the sides and tyre tracks have been imprinted into the middle of the road. I don’t know what happens if a car meets one coming the other way!

I went out to take some more photos as the snow would be looking nice and new and white. I wear my wellies as the snow is too deep for my walking boots, and I put them on the heater for 5 minutes. When I put them on, they’re lovely and warm! There was no nice blue sky today, no sun and it was very cold. I wanted to walk further than I had done last time to get some different views, but I changed my mind as my fingers soon became so cold that they were hurting and didn’t work properly.

So I turned back home to the warm and put a chicken casserole and baked potato in the oven. Nice warming comforting food, just right for this sort of weather!

This photo was taken of the last fall of snow in the village where I live when the sky was blue.

Footsteps in the snow

Waning enthusiasm

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

My newly found enthusiasm for local buses is waning. After my success on Friday, I checked the timetable and confidently set off through the snow to catch a bus to work. I’d timed it well, so I only had a few minutes to wait, and by the time the bus was due, three other people had joined me at the bus stop.

Just on time, the bus was seen at the junction in the distance, so we knew it wouldn’t be long before it appeared round the curve in the road to pick us up. After a few minutes when it still hadn’t reached us, we began to think that something was wrong. And it was! Instead of using the route listed on the timetable, the bus had gone a different way. That meant that the four of us were left standing at the bus stop while the bus headed off to our destination on a different road.

We were disappointed and frustrated, but we decided that we would walk up to the next stop so that the same thing wouldn’t happen to the next bus, due in half an hour. The couple who had ski sticks set off at a fair pace, so I walked slowly with the elderly lady with a walking stick.

She was chatting away to me telling all about why she was going into town, and I was glancing at her as I walked and listened. One minute she was there, the next she’d disappeared and was lying full length on her back in the snow. It was so fast! Her feet just went from under her. I asked her if she was ok and she was, so I retrieved her walking stick, helped her onto her feet and brushed the snow off her so that she didn’t get cold. She thought it was funny, but walked even more carefully after that.

We got to the next bus stop in plenty of time and all chatted as we waited. The time for the bus came, and went. We waited and waited. My toes had become blocks of ice by this time and it was impossible to warm them up even when I kept moving them and stamping them in the snow.

Eventually half an hour late, a bus arrived. I asked the driver if it was the 11.26am bus on time, or the 10.56am bus late. He said no, it was the 10.16 bus very late!

Once on the bus, I enjoyed the snowy views again and it wasn’t long before I got to work. I was concerned about getting home though. I wanted to try and get home before dark, but if a bus was likely to be an hour late, that wouldn’t be possible, and I didn’t fancy walking on snow and ice in the dark. So I was very glad when someone who lives near me offered me a lift home.