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More snow

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The snow had just started to think about melting yesterday. It was falling off the trees, and the roads were clearer, but there was still lots of snow on the pavements.

But now it’s back! It started snowing yesterday evening. It was very fine, not great big fluffy flakes like last time, so I didn’t think it would do much, but it did. This morning there was another 5 or 6 inches of snow on my car, and lots at the side of the road. My road has been reduced to one lane where there’s deep snow at the sides and tyre tracks have been imprinted into the middle of the road. I don’t know what happens if a car meets one coming the other way!

I went out to take some more photos as the snow would be looking nice and new and white. I wear my wellies as the snow is too deep for my walking boots, and I put them on the heater for 5 minutes. When I put them on, they’re lovely and warm! There was no nice blue sky today, no sun and it was very cold. I wanted to walk further than I had done last time to get some different views, but I changed my mind as my fingers soon became so cold that they were hurting and didn’t work properly.

So I turned back home to the warm and put a chicken casserole and baked potato in the oven. Nice warming comforting food, just right for this sort of weather!

This photo was taken of the last fall of snow in the village where I live when the sky was blue.

Footsteps in the snow

My feet are lovely and warm

Friday, November 13th, 2009

We’ve had such an amazing October this year, that I was wearing summer clothes all through October and into November. In the last week or so though, the weather has changed and become much more the usual expected cold, wet November weather. My feet have been really cold. I just couldn’t get them warm.

I needed to swap my shoes for some boots, but the ones that I wore last winter are quite a few years old now and are quite scruffy. I did glance at the window of the shoe shop next to where I work, but I didn’t go in. Even though there were some lovely boots there, I couldn’t justify buying a new pair on my now very part time salary after my hours have been cut.

The other day, I popped into a charity shop. I work on a very hilly road, so I tend to call in to this charity shop half way up the hill to get my breath back! As soon as I walked in, I saw a pair of expensive looking brown boots! They looked as though they were my size! I couldn’t believe it! I picked them up, and yes they were my size, they were real leather and they were brand new – they’d never been worn! (I wouldn’t have looked at them if they’d been used)

I wanted brown ones rather than black like my old ones so that they would go with my new brown coat. I looked at the price, and it said £10! They would have cost at least £50 and probably a lot more than that when they were originally bought. I wonder why someone gave them away having never worn them? I’ll never know, but now they’re mine. They’re warm and comfortable and they feel lovely! I’m really enjoying wearing them, and I don’t have to feel guilty about spending a lot of money on them. That makes them even nicer to wear!!

What a blessing!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I went round to a friend’s house the other day where a few of us were having a get together. As the front door was opened, I saw my friend Mary standing in the hall wearing a gorgeous coat. It was pretend suede with a pretend fur collar in a lovely chocloate brown colour and it looked really warm but very smart. I said to her ‘I love your new coat’ and she took it off and handed it to me and said ‘Does it fit you?’

She explained that one of our group was giving it away and everyone else had tried it on but it was too small for them. I tried it and it fitted perfectly! It was gorgeous! It was so warm and felt lovely to wear. As I was the only one it fitted the lady who owned it was happy to give it to me! I don’t know why she was giving it away, as it looked brand new. She didn’t offer any explanation and she didn’t want any money for it.

I thanked her and explained to her that I felt very blessed to receive it because with the recent halving of my hours and salary at work my finances were a bit of a worry.

When I took the coat off, I noticed the cherry red label inside it – ‘Monsoon’! Wow! I’ve never owned a Monsoon coat before! I really like their clothes but I could never justify paying that much for fashion clothes. So I feel really blessed and will really enjoy wearing my new coat. I think someone is looking after me and keeping an eye on my finances.

Enjoying the garden

Monday, April 20th, 2009

It’s a gorgeous day today. It’s warm, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I’ve just hung out some washing on the line for the first time this year, rather than have it hanging on the airer over the bath.
I love watching washing fluttering in the breeze. It’s a very satisfying feeling. When it’s dried outside in the sun and the breeze it smells so good when it comes back in and perfumes the house with a lovely fresh summery fragrance. I wonder what it is that makes it smell like that?

While I was outside, I stopped to enjoy the sights and sounds and smells. The lawn has just been mowed for the first time this year, and as well as making the garden look neater, newly cut grass smells wonderful.

I could hear birds tweeting, someone hammering a few gardens down, and someone sawing. There are some lovely colours in the garden now – purple honesty flowers, usually grown for their silvery papery seed pods, but I love the flowers. A lovely lime green plant with little bell flowers (whose name I’ve forgotten!) and beautiful delicate green hellebore flowers. Aquilegias are in bud and it won’t be long before they open their intricate flowers that are also called Granny’s Bonnets. Rosemary is flowering with delicate little blue flowers along it’s spikes.

I was given some runner bean seeds by a friend last year and although it was my first venture in growing vegetables for a while, they grew well and it was lovely being able to go and pick some and cook them straight away. I just steam for a few minutes. I kept some of last years beans and they’re now planted in little pots. I need to perpare some ground ready for when they’re big enough to go out and grow up their bamboo poles.