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Frosty, foggy weather

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

The weather has improved a bit lately. Instead of freezing nights and days, when the roads need gritting, and extra time has to be allowed in the morning to scrape the ice off the windscreen, we’ve been having slightly warmer and even rainy days. There’s been a promise of spring in the air. I’ve seen some snowdrops, and I’ve heard birds singing. But people keep telling me that it’s going to get colder again. Apparently forecasters are saying that the cold frosty, icy weather is coming back, and there might even be some snow. I haven’t heard those forecasts myself, but I have been told about them by several people. I’ve only managed to take a few snow photos so far this year, because we’ve only had one quick flurry. So I need to look out for any more snowfall so that I can get dressed up in some nice warm clothes and go out and take some beautiful snowy photos. Or will I decide to stay in the warm instead?
Here’s a nice frosty, foggy photo.

Frost and fog

Tracks in the snow

Monday, January 5th, 2009

At last I woke up to find a white world covered in snow this morning! It looked so beautiful! I love the way everything looks lovely and special when it snows, and the lovely quality of the light. I can usually tell if it’s snowed before I look out of the window because a brighter more vibrant light than usual is shining through the curtains. There wasn’t a lot of snow, maybe half an inch, but it was very slippery on the roads, especially the ones that hadn’t been treated. As I don’t have to go into work until later in the morning, most of the snow had melted by then. It’s going to be very cold tonight though. I heard -7 mentioned on the weather forecast, so I wonder what we’ll wake up to tomorrow.

Is it snowing yet?

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

The weather forecasters have been promising us snow for the past few days. It was very cold yesterday, and this morning it was sleeting. A friend said they were awake in the night last night and saw big fluffy white flakes of snow floating down but it didn’t settle. It’s still being forecast though. I wonder if we will wake up tomorrow to a white world? If we do, it would be the first time there has ever been snow on my Birthday!