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A host of golden…… crocuses?

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Striped crocuses

I love it when Spring flowers start to appear. Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils. They signal the begining of the end of winter and the start of a new year of life as the earth wakes up and begins to blossom.

I love all three of them. Snowdrops are delicate and lovely with their pure white ballet skirts opening out so that they can dance in the breeze. Daffodils too have ballet skirts surrounding their trumpets with which they herald the arrival of new life and the coming year of expectation.

But my favourite of the three is the crocus. I love their shape, their variety of colour and their bright orangey-yellow stamen that crinkle and wiggle as they reach up to be seen when the petals open up. Crocuses come in all sorts of colours – cream, yellow, white, mauve, purple and stripey ones. I love them all, but my favourites are the mauve and purple ones, which of course is to be expected as they’re my favourite colours.

Usually after snowdrops, I get a brief glimpse of a few crocuses and then it’s straight on to daffodils. This year is different. I’ve seen loads of beautiful crocuses. The spindly ones in my garden didn’t last long, presumably falling victim to bird attacks. So when I went for a walk in the park, I was amazed to find large drifts of strong healthy crocus cups spreading up the bank under some of the trees. It was a photographer’s paradise!

I wonder if there are more crocuses about this year, or if they’ve always been there and I’ve never noticed them before.


Monday, March 15th, 2010

I love snowdrops. They’re a sign of hope and new life and the promise of Spring after the Winter, which this year has been long and cold and very snowy! I love the way they peep through the snow even when it’s quite deep. Their persistence and determination to reach up and out of their snowy bed into the light is quite profound. That’s what we sometimes need to do if life has got difficult and is holding us down. Like the snowdrop, we need to focus on our goal and aim for it with all our strength and determination.

Here’s one of my snowdrop photos. They’re so delicate and beautiful, and I hope they’ll encourage anyone who needs a bit of help and strength to dig themselves out of a difficult place into the light and the sunshine.

Snowdrops in the rain

Winter wonderland

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The snow hasn’t melted yet, and it’s still really, really cold. I’m having difficulty keeping warm, but I expect it’s the same for lots of people. The newscasters have been saying that we’re having the coldest winter here in the UK for 30 years, then I heard that it was the coldest since 1963, and I even heard one newscaster say it was the coldest winter for a hundred years! I expect they’ll sort it out soon and let us know what it really is.

I’ve been snowed in for a week now. The main roads aren’t clear, and my estate road is treacherous. The car is snowed into the drive, and I haven’t attempted to dig it out. If the road clears, then I’ll start digging.

It’s quite fun walking around my village in wellies ploughing through deep snow. I’ve managed to get some milk and bread from the village shop, so together with what’s in the freezer and the cupboards, I’m ok for food now. Work was closed for most of last week because of the snow, but on Friday they were open. I walked up to the main road to have a look at it’s condition, and decided that I wouldn’t be driving on compacted snow and ice.

While I was out, I saw a couple of buses. Frequent buses are a new novelty in my village, so I decided that I’d go to work on the bus. It was fun. I had a wonderful view of the stunning beauty of the snow covered countryside.

Once the bus dropped me in the town, the roads and pavements were clear. They must have been gritted more often than the rural main roads. I went to the supermarket after work to get a bit of food, but realised that I wouldn’t be able to carry much as it was a bit of a walk after I got off the bus. I managed to get the essentials though.

You have to be a lot more organised and prepared if you haven’t got a car waiting to take you and your shopping home. I keep a torch in the car, and I remembered to take it with me, in case it was dark by the time I needed to walk home from the bus stop. I knew there wouldn’t be a Moon to light my way home as it would have already set.

I could have done with a rucksack as well though. That would have been a much easier way to carry the shopping, and it would have kept my hands free to steady myself if I slipped. So now I’ve got one of those rucksacks that folds up really small and can go at the bottom of my bag, because I enjoyed going on the bus and I’m planning to do it again.

This is one of my snowy shots…..

Winter wonderland

Winter rose

Monday, December 28th, 2009

We’ve had some really cold weather lately. The road I live on has been a thick sheet of ice for over a week, and we’ve had severe frost and snow. So I was quite surprised to find a beautiful pink rose growing in my garden!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a rose flowering at the end of December before, so it was rather special, especially as it was flowering for Christmas.

One morning I found it covered in snow, but it was still beautiful. The cold weather and the snow hadn’t killed it. It must be a very special hardy version. I hope it comes back again next winter.

Winter rose

It’s getting cold

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

It’s only just past the middle of July and it’s getting really cold in the evenings. When I go outside to watch the ISS go over, I have to put my coat on. It was clear again tonight. The current phase of visible passes is coming to an end soon, so I’m glad I’ve been able to see it while it’s had the Space Shuttle Endeavour docked to it.

It should be hot and summery in July, but it’s been cold and very wet. A heatwave had been predicted for the summer, but although we had a bit of a heatwave in June, it’s gone completely now. I wonder if it will come back for August. I find that I need some good sunny summer weather, preferably some of it spent by the sea, to get me through the cold and dark of the winter.

Is it snowing yet?

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I love it when it snows. It’s so pretty, especially when big fluffy flakes are falling and settling on the ground. Of course snow is lovely when you can enjoy looking at it, playing in it, making a snowman or taking beautiful photos. It’s not so good if you have to go somewhere and the snow has made driving conditions treacherous, with icy slippery roads slowing traffic right down and sometimes making it impossible to go anywhere. When overnight snow wakes us up to a white world, there will be a long list of closed schools and cancelled activities on the local radio. Well we haven’t had any snow here this winter, except for a few flakes that didn’t settle, so I’ve made some snowflakes of my own with the mosaic maker from Flickr.


Saturday, November 29th, 2008

We’ve had a few foggy mornings and evenings over the last few days. It amazes me the way it can be clear one minute, and then the next time you look there’s really thick fog. The other day I had half an hour to go before leaving work, and when I looked out of the window it was quite clear and I could see right up to the end of the road. When I left work half an hour later, the fog was really thick! Where did it come from in such a short time? I was a bit concerned about the drive home, but it was just about ok. Where the road was screened with tall trees, the fog wasn’t quite so thick, but where the road was open, it was. The last time it was foggy must have been last winter, because I couldn’t rememeber where the fog lights were! I had to find a safe place to stop the car and read the handbook. I managed to find it which was just as well as the ordinary lights behave oddly in thick fog. I was driving slowly so that I was within safe limits for the visibility, but at one point I just felt I wanted some more light, so I put the main beam on. That was a mistake! The light shone on the fog particles and made it look like a solid wall in front of me. I qiuckly turned them off, and continued home slowly with dipped headlights and fog lights, and I was glad when the journey was over and I was home safely.