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my craft blog by Katie-Rose

Stampin’ Up workshop

July 23rd, 2010

Dragonfly thank you

Yesterday I went to a card workshop run by a lovely lady who is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. I had a wonderful time. I sat with four other ladies in a beautiful craft room surrounded by gorgeous coloured card, stamps, inks, glitter and lots of other wonderful things.

We were shown different techniques so that we could make three different types of card. I had such fun! I love the blue and brown colours together on this card, and the dark brown ink that I used for the delicate stamped flowers and the beautiful stamped script.

The dragonfly has glitter on it’s wings, but it doesn’t show up very well here. It’s mounted on patterened blue paper, then white card, and then mounted on torn vellum. It’s finished off with chocolate coloured ribbon.

I think it’s gorgeous. Who shall I give it to?

Punched flowers

June 22nd, 2010

Punched flowers

This card is quick and simple, but I like the way produces a bouquet of flowers which is suitable for so many occasions.

First of all I stamped the flowers using two different coloured inks, then I punched them out with a flower shaped punch. I stuck on the blue paper to represent the wrapping paper of bouquet, and then arranged the flowers. I’ve used pearlescent card stock to give a bit of sparkle.

The stamps and the punch are by Stampin’ Up.

Cupcake card

June 12th, 2010

Birthday cupcake

I’ve been looking for a cupcake stamp for ages. I’ve tried bidding for several of them on eBay, but got outbid and missed them.

When I needed a card for a three year old, I thought a cupcake would be a good idea, as I know he likes them! So I had to be a bit inventive. I cut the cake out of two different coloured papers. I think it turned out all right. Perhaps I don’t need a cupcake stamp after all!

I stamped some candles and cut them out to add to the cake with 3D foam, as I knew that the Birthday Boy would be able to count them. I finished it off with a Happy Birthday and a number three.

Retro hexagons

April 10th, 2010

Retro hexagons

I love retro colours and patterns and designs. I’ve got some retro fabrics in browns, yellows and oranges and I’ve made some hexagon patches out of them.

Now I need to think about what to do or make with them. I might just stitch them together and display them in a picture frame. They could go on the wall in my craft room as part of my ‘gallery’!

Happy Easter!

April 4th, 2010

Happy Easter to everyone!

Here’s another of my Easter chick cards to wish everyone a Happy Easter and a good Easter weekend.

This is another one of the cards that I used at the cardmaking workshop I help to run. I always do several examples using the technique that I’m demonstrating because the whole point of the workshop is to inspire people to have their own ideas once they’ve learnt a technique.

The Easter chicks were very popular!

Easter chick

April 3rd, 2010

This is one of the cards that I designed for the cardmaking workshop that I help to run. It’s important that the designs are easy to make, but give a good result so that the ladies can go home with something that they’re pleased with and have enjoyed making them.

I’ve cut out a chick shape in yellow card and cut round the top part with shaped scissors to make it fluffy looking. A piece of ribbon is stuck across the middle with double sided tape and the feet are punched out hearts stuck on with 3D foam. The beak is a diamond shape bent in half and stuck on so that the beak will open. The eyes are two little punched stars, and this one is finished with a punched butterfly and two satin daisies in her ‘hair’. Happy Easter is stamped using Hero Arts Dot-Letter Alphabet LL100 which is useful as you can put any message you like with it.

For the workshop, I decided to cut out all the chicks ready. I left the ladies, and one man to chose if they cut the hair and which pattern to use. I cut it for one lady as it was a bit too fiddly for her. The feet and beaks and eyes were all ready, but there was a choice of colours and there were lots of ribbons to choose from. Everyone seemed to enjoy making their chicks and some making several.

We’ve done about 6 workshops now, once a month, and I’ve been experimenting to find the right level of preparation so that cards are manageable but not too easy. I did more preparation for the chicks than I have done previously, and I think that was about the right level.

I enjoy planning, designing and preapring for the workshops. It’s challenging which is good for me!!

This card features on my Flickr craft photostream, Designs by Katie.

Easter chick

Lace and flowers

March 31st, 2010

I try to make at least a couple of handcrafted cards a week which have been inspired by examples seen on the Hero Arts Blog. I find it quite motivating to have a challenge to aim at, and I get some good ideas from the other crafters who enter the challenge.

In this challenge, I’ve used pale blue card stock, and some wide cream lace. I’ve embellished it with two different shades of blue paper flowers fixed with brads and added buttons in the same colours. I’ve stamped Happy Birthday with a Hero Arts rubber stamp and brown ink, and given it a curved edge with shaped scissors. It’s fixed to some sparkly card with 3D foam to give it some depth. I love it’s vintage and feminine look.

Lace and flowers

Knitted material

March 30th, 2010

Like most creative people, I’ve got lots of pieces of material that I bought either because I liked them, or because I planned to make something and didn’t quite get around to it! So I tried an experiment.

I cut some material into thin strips, stitched them together into a long thread and knitted them into a sample. I really like the texture of it, and the stretchiness of the finished knitting. If I had lots of time, which I don’t, I think it would make a good bedroom rug.

I’d like to try making a bag with it. It might work, it might not, but I won’t know unless I try. It would make good rugs and carpets for dolls houses if the strips could be cut quite thin. You can use up patterns that you don’t like, because they don’t show when it’s knitted, and you can use the good bits of something that’s worn.

I really like the idea of being able to use up fabric that isn’t going to get used any other way. That sounds like good recycling sense to me. I must experiment a bit more. Here’s my sample….

Knitted material

Stitch and Craft Exhibition

March 18th, 2010

I went with a group of friends to a Stitch and Craft Exhibition. Oh, it was like an Aladdin’s cave of wonders! I just wandered around taking in all the beautiful colours and textures and techniques that were all around me. I had to be careful, as I could have easily spent a fortune!

I chose a nice selection of buttons, brads, threads, material etc that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I bought some lovely big flower brads that you can thread ribbon through. Here’s the first card that I made using one of them. It has embossing, rubber stamping and machine stitching as well as the ribbon and brad.

Spring flowers

Cardmaking workshop

March 9th, 2010

I’ve recently started to help run a cardmaking workshop. It’s fun, but quite challenging. The ladies, usually ladies although we have had one man join us, are mostly elderly and beginners, so I have to design a card that gives a good result but isn’t too difficult to make. I’ve learnt over the months that I’ve been doing it, that preparation is very important so that everything is ready to be used as soon as I’ve finished demonstrating what we’re doing.

Last time I’d got all my preparation ready, done the demonstration and while everyone was busy, I was able to have a play. One of the ladies who helps me with the workshop has the most amazing collection of card stock, stamps, punches, papers, embellishments etc that she brings along for anyone to use. It’s like an Aladdin’s cave which I find very inspiring.

I needed to make a special Birthday card, so I really enjoyed the wide range of things which inspired my design. This is a close up of the detail of the card I made using different sizes of flower punches, sparkly card and patterned paper, both of which I tore and pretty gems.

Embellishments and flowers